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dragunovsks 02-03-2009 03:47 PM

Prices going up???
I am curious why everyone is always talking about the price of firearms going for the last couple of months? In my area, ammo, guns and hi-cap mags have not gone up one cent. At the gunstore were I bought my AR, you can still get one just like mine for $600, which is what I paid for mine. Also everybody says it's like a feeding frenzy at gunstores now, also not true in my area. The only difference I've noticed is my favorite gunstore now has boxes upon boxes of hi-cap AR mags. However they always did have them to start with although not so many. Is it a regional thing?

Txhillbilly 02-03-2009 05:08 PM

It is really a supply and demand thing,and I'm sure it also depends on where you live. In the DFW area,any hi-cap mag for pistols or rifles has gone up atleast $5 a mag,just because the consumer demand and the whse price the dealers pay has also increased. PMags were $17-19,now are $25-30 depending on where you go.

Dillinger 02-03-2009 05:27 PM

I think it's a combination of some fear buying and some price gouging. If you live in area that is well saturated with black rifles already, there isn't much demand. If you live in area that doesn't have a lot of black rifles, there is, conversely, a higher demand in fear of the coming AWB II.

Many of the retailers ( Rock River, Bushmaster, Olympic ) have been behind on full rifle orders for months now, with projects being many more months before they catch up.

Olympic Arms, as they are right down the road and we happen to know a guy who machines for them in the shop, had mandatory 24 hour crews for months over the summer in the longer daylight days to help keep up with demand.

Krieger Barrels, another company we do business with alot, is out 18 weeks on AR barrels. 2 years ago at this time, it was more like 4 to 6 weeks.

It's just supply and demand. We have seen, probably, a 30% to 50% increase in just calls or questions about SUR's since the end of Oct / beginning of Nov.

I wonder why? :cool:

If you can still snatch up good AR's at $600 - it might make a good investment. Next year you could probably double your money selling them face to face inside the state. :p


slowryde45 02-03-2009 09:40 PM

Yep...price gouging (or CAPITALISM :mad:) is rampant right now. But hey...if you can make a buck doing it, at the expense of screwing someone else over in the process, then by all means, go for it. You're the one who has to live with yourself. I hope it comes back in the end to bite them all in the a$$.

Perfect example, PK Firearms had a few complete uppers pop up on their site yesterday (today, too). Funny how the same complete upper came up for sale this a.m. on another forum, with a slight increase in price ($300 +)!!!!. Even funnier, the poster states that he doesn't even have the upper in hand yet, as it is in the mail to him, but will gladly post pics as soon as he gets it. :mad:

I hope it gets lost in the mail :p


Bigcat_hunter 02-03-2009 11:04 PM

At the beginning of a new year the gun company's up there price by a certain percentage. If your not seing more expensive guns yet, your gun shop is probably selling old stock.

mrm14 02-04-2009 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by Bigcat_hunter (Post 68080)
At the beginning of a new year the gun company's up there price by a certain percentage. If your not seing more expensive guns yet, your gun shop is probably selling old stock.

Yup. Family used to own a retail store with a sporting goods section and prices usually were increased around mid Febuary. Some merchandise was purchased on "dating" programs and volume of puracahses dictated discounts throughout year shipments. Usually 10 -20%, sometimes as much as 30%. Again depending on item and quanity. Sporting stores around here in Sacramento havn't been jacking prices too much if at all. However, they are very low or completely out of alot of stuff and are on backorders.

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