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ccd8541 07-17-2009 04:38 PM

Practice w/ the Spike's Tactical and the AR..
In late June I started comparing both platforms to see how the shooting with the ST22 reflects on my shooting w/ the AR.

I started by confirming my POI at 100yds w/ the ST22 and CCI Blazer ammo:

I did the same w/ the AR and zeroed it about 1" pic *curse the gods*

Then I checked the POA w/ POI at various distances to see the variation between the two. Left side was shot w/ the Spike's Tactical and the right with my Armalite M-15A4C, both using a red dot sight. Three shot strings except at the 100.

Everything seems to jive fairly well, the 50 is the biggest difference with the ST22 impacting about 3" high vs the M-15A4C. Shooting at center mass body though, it will not be enough of a variation to require a different aiming point.

ccd8541 07-17-2009 04:39 PM

*July 14th*

I was going to do this as a video but, umm... the battery went dead, so-

Just did a series of two shot drills on the timer, I was looking for:

Q: "How much faster can I shoot the .22lr vs 5.56 during two shot drills(double taps)?"
A: "Not much."

I did a series at 11yds and then repeated it at 5yds. Both carbines are basically stock.

Exercise: from the low ready, index the target and fire two shots, record the time split of the two shots. Repeat.

11yds w/ .22lr:
.18, .19, .18, .18, .19
11yds w/ 5.56:
.20, .19, .19, .20, .20

5yds w/ .22lr:
.15, .15, .16, .16, .15
5yds w/ 5.56:
.16, .16, .15, .17, .17

One shot is out of the 'A' zone, center left, it was one of the shots w/ the 5.56 at 11yds.

ccd8541 07-17-2009 04:42 PM

*July 15th*

I did another run today. This time it was two targets, one at 10yds and one at 50yds. Shoot the 10yd target three times and the 50yd target once. I did this five times with each rig.

The splits for the 10yd target averaged(3 shots per string, five strings) .175 for the M15a4 and .17 for the ST22. I was pushing hard w/ the AR and you can see the 'groups' open up as a result.

The split for the last shot, that is the transition from close to far target, averaged over the five strings, was 1.39 seconds w/ the M15a4 and 1.45 seconds w/ the ST22.

The ST22 is proving its worth. I've probably shot less than 80rds of 5.56 since I've started shooting the ST22.

Next I will focus on multiple targets, I will change it up so the targets are in close for some drills, far for others and a mix of close and far.

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