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Parts Is Parts I Reck'n

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Originally Posted by Quentin View Post
And as far as proving there is a difference in the quality of various ARs and parts, our military has been validating this for 50 years. This requires tedious certification of the parts that go into the M16/M4 for general issue. Only Colt and FN have been awarded the contracts because they have met the requirements. If Vulcan/Hesse/Blackthorne could meet those requirements and undercut on cost I bet by now they'd have been added to the contract, especially in this economy. Same with other makers however this doesn't mean their product necessarily is junk, but it is not "the same as".

Originally Posted by fsted2a View Post
I beg to differ on this one. I've seen some crap slip through due to the lowest bidder, and if you had been in some of the non-rapid-deployable units I had been in, you might know what I am talking about. It has gotten better over the last few years, but there are still some lower receivers out there in some Army arms rooms that say Hasbro, Mattel, General Motors, Fisher Price, etc...
and you know a deer is safe walking in front of them after about 30 rounds. I think this has to do more with them being the lowest bidder on replacement parts on a given year.
And that further proves the point that there are varying quality parts, fsted2a. During critical periods other suppliers have been awarded contracts then lost them. Low bid is great on some things but it seems Colt and FN are providing acceptable parts while the others did not.
The biggest issue with assembling an AR isn't so much getting the parts together right - it's getting the right parts together.
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I recently build a spikes lower with a daniel defense lpk with a bcm upper. I was close to buying a complete rifle off the self from my local gun store and it was between a sw mp15, rock river and stag. When I knew that I was really serious about this decision I really started to do research and like always I came over here. people said "hey why don't you build it. that way you can put whatever you want in it." I had not even considered before. So, like everything I take your recommendations and then do my own research. long story short i decided on the bcm/spikes/dd .

So I was at range today with brother and there were 2 stags and a sw next to me. we get to talking and they guy asked me what brand it was. I told the guys what I did and they looked at me like I was from Mars. Built it? they said. I am not a snob by any means. The one guy said he bought his from the lgs that I picked up the Lower from, and I know how much their stags were about, and I know how much mine was. Now for what I do I am probably not going to be able to tell the difference between the 2, and my ability level is pretty novice. But, I think it is worth the extra couple hundred bucks I spent not to see the same rifle next to me, to have the satisfaction of putting it together myself. plus i was shooting much better than he was.
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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
Sorry for the back to back posts. Laying in bed typing on the phone and it won't let me double quote. Oh the humanity!!

To set the record straight I have no negative feelings toward billt. I simply don't like the fact that he throws all his dated, misleading misinformation out there for new people to stumble across. No more no less. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
didn't mean to imply you have negative feeling toward billt. You and many others have been helpful to me in my builds.

I have spent as little as 800-900 and as much as 1800 w/optics for my builds, but all have been with quality components.
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Poking your sister's arm in the back seat of the car when you were eight got old real quick. Just imagine how quickly it gets old when you are an adult. I'll leave this open, but please keep it civil.

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Well it seems like this topic has reared it's head again so I thought I'd bump this thread.

So all you "parts are parts" theorists lets hear the parts are just parts regardless of manufacturer arguments and why we should all just get Olys because ARs are all the same.
“The bitterness of poor quality Lingers long after The sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
-John Ruskin

Originally Posted by Quentin View Post
"The biggest issue with assembling an AR isn't so much getting the parts together right - it's getting the right parts together."
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stirring the pot is a no-go item. do not continue this.
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