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suzychapstick 12-12-2012 05:36 PM

P mag help ??
I'm looking to get some magazines for an AR 15. I'm new to this, I bought very little parts so far to build an AR 15. I do want to accumulate so magazines now. I've been to there website, and Cabellas site, called several gun stores. Now I'm confused even more. I don't know which ones to get.
There are Gen 2 and 3 etc. With and without windows. I cant imagine what the diff. between different Gens could be. I spent a great deal of time to figure out the different Gens on Glocks. Can I please get some reponses on what mags to get and maybe a short version of the difference in some of them. I heard there are some issues with 30 rounders? Is that true? It seems 20 rounders are scarce or sold out. I did find some 20s without windows in gen 2, but I haven't a clue what Gen 2 is? Some of the part numbers suppliers have said they have are mosstly Mag 210 and then a few 211, 217, 243.
Can I get some opinions or people to line me out a litttle. I dont mean to sound lazy, but I'm not a gun enthusiest, and its difficult for me to spend alot of my time studying this. But yet as expensive as these setups are, I want to make my purchases right the first time. Thanks.

suzychapstick 12-12-2012 05:43 PM

Also those part #s I listed dont seem to come up with the #s on the magpul website, which gives me more confusion. Cabelas has pics of 30 rounders on there website, and the magazine is straight, not arched or curved. That don't sound right. I'm not neccessarily stuck on Pmags, but the research I did do, seems like the way to go. Any help or explanations, or anything to not buy or stay away from would be helpful. I'm also curious to why there is such a shortage of 20 rounders??

lbwar15 12-12-2012 06:35 PM

Ok here you go. There are no issues with the 30rnd mags. I thank everyone with an AR has them and I have never heard of a problem. Gen 3 is the newer version and a little more $. The ribs (the squares on the side) don't stick out as mutch so it's thinner by a little. It has finger grips on the front like the glock. The gen3 with window has an orange indicator so you can see how many rounds toy have left a little better. I thank the base plate is a little thinner but I'm not 100%. You can find all this on the magpul web sight.

A bit of helpful info to save you some money.
#1 imo the g3 is not worth the extra money. (I just bought 10 g2 w/o window.
#2 depending on what you are doing with them the window is useless. Reason- if you are using them for range shooting its pointless. Just take out mag and put it back in. If using them for shtf or anything like that we all know 98% of the time everything happens at night. Then it is dark and you can't see in the window anyway. Also do you think you are going to take the time to look while you are getting shot at? Shoot till it stops change mag shoot some more.

The military dose not need or use windows so I d*** sure don't need them. Just my OP

lbwar15 12-12-2012 06:40 PM

Btw. You can find pmags for $9.50-$10 for the G2 W/O window.

JonM 12-12-2012 07:12 PM

Just a note. Gun solvent and the plastic window do not play well together. Its why the military temporarily pulled the pmag approval for use here recently and then reinstated it after the outcry from the troops. They just dont approve the windowed versions anymore.

If you take care and dont use solvent on the windowed ones they are good to go.

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