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Ubergopher 08-09-2009 03:05 PM

Olympic Arms
So its coming time for me to think about building/purchasing a new AR. Anyone have any complaints about Olympic Arms? They're a local company and a guy I'm in class with recommends them highly.

Dillinger 08-09-2009 03:21 PM

I have not purchased one of their complete rifles, but I have seen them and they don't need duct tape and chewing gun to stay together.

Olympic Arms generates some hate because for a time they didn't care about their reputation, they were just cranking out weapon platforms. That was like a decade ago though, their stuff today is good, quality stuff.

I can attest that they don't pay their people jack though, a master assemblyman makes about $16/hour down in their shop - so it's not to see why you would have some quality control issues if you weren't watching.

I've never had an issue with either of mine, but I have heard all sorts of stories of things going wrong. I've seen any of the issues talked about, but I have heard a lot about then. :cool:


slowryde45 08-09-2009 06:56 PM

I agree with JD. Most of what you hear nowadays is all based on QC problems they had in the past. They've come a long way since then, and from fellow shooters I know that have their products now, I've yet to see any problems with them that any other gun may or may not have (ie - things like bad magazines, bad ammo, cleaning or lube issues that all tend to lead to FTE's and FTF with any gun out there).

Are they on the same playing field with brands such as Colt, Noveske, LMT, etc.? No, they are not. But then again, they are not priced to be on that level either, nor do they claim to be the top of the crop. But, the main test that any gun has to pass, do they go bang each and every time you pull the trigger. From the ones I've seen in use by fellow shooters, they have kept up with my best pieces shot for shot. And one of them has 'tweaked' his enough to keep up with a Novekse piece that I have set up for long range accuracy, keeping MOA out past 100 yards and well into the 5-600 yard range, with hand loads and match ammo. Except - he has about a third of what I paid to have in my gun, in his.

So from what I have seen and know of their pieces, (all bought in the last 5 years), I'd say that alot of the crap you hear about Olympic Arms anymore is just that...crap, hearsay, unjustified, repeat info by folks who are just going with the flow.

I've never been one of the 'sheeple' when it comes to my hobbies, tools, toys, whatever you want to call the BRD. No one and definitely no advertisement is going to convince me that I have to have a particular piece, full firearm, accessory, whatever. I will read the reviews about something I'm interested in, find a range where I might be able to try it, talk to folks who own and use that item, and finally, if it matches my needs and means, then I'll buy it and try it for myself. If it doesn't hold up to what I expected from it, or if it doesn't work for me...then get rid of it.

So, go take a look at the Olympic products. Find something that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling, and do some research. Look for any reviews on line, if possible from the gun magazine and shooting sights. I would take whatever your read from the AR forums with a grain of salt, because I can guarantee you that quite a few of the 'experts' on those sites have already drank the 'KOOL-AID' and will tell you that you have to have brand x, y, or z - or you will cause a tear in the space time continuum, and your kids will all be born with 2 heads or something- and the funny thing is, most of them don't even own any of those brands, but have a friend who's brother/sister's second cousin twice removed, swears that his buddy is a Delta Force/Ranger/SEAL/operative who only uses that brand, whenever he/she goes through a carbine course. :rolleyes:

So good luck, welcome to the world of BR's, keep us informed on what you are getting or thinking of getting, and someone on here will try to help you weed through all the info and BS, too.


FCross7 08-10-2009 01:28 AM

I have an Oly Arms K4B and haven't had any trouble with it. I paid $1,000 for it about 6 months ago, have probably 500 rounds through it and have never had any FTEs or FTFs. Mags go in and out easy, upper and lower fit together very tightly, holding it up to the light you can barely see any light in between them. So far it seems to be a quality rifle and I would definitely recommend them to people. Just my .02.


Dillinger 08-10-2009 02:28 AM


Originally Posted by slowryde45 (Post 141659)
I agree with JD.


Slo - It's good to see you back around these parts! I have missed you my friend.

Please continue to share your wisdom with the young Padwans of the AR market. :)


bkt 08-10-2009 10:22 AM

My limited experience with Oly Arms was years ago and may have been during the time when their QC was poor. The rifle I used was only almost MILSPEC and it wouldn't play nice with a BCG from another AR and it would fail to feed using any magazines but those that came with the rifle. (These were nice SA-80 mags -- pretty good stuff -- but the Oly didn't want anything to do with them.)

If the quality is back where it should be, go for it!

slowryde45 08-10-2009 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by Dillinger (Post 141796)
Slo - It's good to see you back around these parts! I have missed you my friend.

Please continue to share your wisdom with the young Padwans of the AR market. :)


Thanks JD. I've been around, just haven't posted much lately. Been busy with that other nasty habit...WORK.:(

But I've popped in when I can to keep up with current affairs and to share my .02 when I can.

To the original poster, sorry, not trying to hijack your thread here. Honestly, I haven't found anything in the Olympic Arms products that would scare me away from them. At least not in the newer product line.

The old days, they tried really hard to make something for everyone, including a very affordable (CHEAP) product line called the 'PLINKER'. Right concept, just very poor execution, as they used a cast receiver that was poorly manufactured, ie-they had a tendency to blow up! :eek:

But that was at least ten years ago. Since then, they've cleaned up their act and their product line quite a bit. Like I said earlier, no they are not a member of the so-called 'top-tier/shelf' brands, but then again, they are priced no where near those. They are priced in the entry level arena, with some higher priced units, too, based on options and calibers. But I think it's very unfair for folks to continue bashing them and throwing them in the junk drawer of AR's, without really trying the new products and seeing for themselves. It's just easier to jump on the bandwagon of some of the self-proclaimed experts out there, and crucify the product based mostly on hearsay and third hand reports, or worse yet, on the problems they had a decade ago. And to think that GM made a Pontiac Aztec, Ford made a Pinto, and Chrysler...well, enough said. But we managed to move forward, despite those abominations, without condemning the companies and bashing them for life...right? the soap box now :p

Good to see you again, too, JD. I'll be around. And what gives you the warm and fuzzies, be happy with it, enjoy it, and let us know how it goes.


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