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pagj17 06-03-2010 02:54 PM

Next Ar-15 build
So, for my next build, I'm looking at either the Gubmint profile 20" barreled upper with my oly arms rail system(that I picked up for 95 bucks 4 year ago woot for accidental foresight) or an SPR contour barrel from WOA mounted to a YHM upper,
Either of them with a Les Baer(if it's still in stock at time of purchase) bolt and BCG,
I'm looking at something that i can sleep with(so much safer than my Grandpapies AMT .380...)
and use in a zombie incursion, and get acceptable groups....
and shoot from a standing position for an hour or two.
I have(hopefully it'll sell eventually lolz) a DPMS 20 inch bull.. but she shoots farrrrrr better than I ever will.
I know the WOA will too, but at least it'll work, right?

IMAPEOPLEPERSON 06-11-2010 07:47 PM

It should, but for a zombie killer i don't think i would want a bull barrel, i would take one of them pencil barrels with that big ole bayonet hung off the end, but thats just my thought.

pagj17 06-13-2010 06:19 AM

Yeah, I agree. well after reading a LOT of opinions (there's not much "fact" with the SPR, crane's been pretty hush hush and so has the rest of the "community") I decided against it. plus I don't have a need for what the SPRish rifle build has to offer.
Instead i'm going to go with the BCM 20" barreled upper, BCM bolt, My Oly Arms rail, the rails covered except for spots for a shorty grip etc., and a VLTOR Clubfoot:)

Oh mannnnnn as I write this I'm looking at gunbroker... and I see an a1 profile 20 incher barrel.... too tempting...
good thing I don't get paid for another week:)

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