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AgentTikki 04-02-2013 06:57 PM

NEW SPRish build
Here is a new build that I'm working on:

18" Black Hole Weaponry SPR profile 1/8 .223 Wylde, rifle gas, polygonal rifling, stainless steel with black oxide exterior finish
Samson Evolution Evolution 15" FF handguards.
Effin A (Ares Armor) tuneable compensator
Seekins Precision adjustable gas block
Young's Manufacturing hard chrome National Match complete BCG
Standard forged upper reciever.
BCM VLTOR mod 3 Gunfighter Charging Handle (large)
Magpul Mbus Gen 2
Riflegear Forged lower (MEGA)
PSA lower parts kit.
YHM extended take down pin
Geissele SDE
Magpul BAD
Magpul MOE+
MAgpul Fixed Rifle stock
Magpul Trigger Gaurd
Standard Brownell's Rifle buffer.
Primary Arms 1-4x20 optic
ADM Recon extended mount.

AgentTikki 04-02-2013 06:58 PM

Had a chance to take her out to the range this weekend. I was eager to try out the adjustible gas block on it. I would like to note that I was a bit surprised and worried during the install. My barrel is a Black Hole Weaponry SPR profile. Its .936 under the handgaurds and .750 by the gas block. The Seekins Precision GB just fell into place. All other gas blocks that I've installed required a little finagleing to slip and slide them into place. This one just slid right into place with no resistance whatsovever. Since it is held into place with set scres on the opposite side of the gas block, I thought that given enough pressure from the set screws the gas block would set and seal itself to over the gas port.

Apparently I thought wrong. First shot didn't cycle. I tried using different magazines, different ammo, readjusting the gas block, moving the gas block, all with the same result. The BCG doesn't move. At all. I know have a very expensive bolt action AR. :p

I called Seeking Precision today, and spoke at length to their Smith Matt. He was very cordial and tried to help me trouble shoot the problem. After going over all the things I tried to do with it, and voiceing my concerns about the looseness of the gas block, he though it best to send me a replacement. I'm happy that the are standing behind their product. They even agreed to send me another roll pin for the gas tube, and are footing the shipping both ways. Still a little miffed that I spent a range day with a single action AR but at least I got to play with the Scope.

AgentTikki 04-02-2013 07:07 PM

The PA 1-4x sfp scope which set me back a whole whopping $120 + shipping. I was amazed at the how nice it felt, solidly built, heavy for its size. I really was not expecting much as it was soo cheap, but I was happy with it. I got this scope for a the awesome price,to see if a 4x was going to get me out to 500 yards, and I know PA will take care of me. I know what some of you are thinking, why did you buy a $175 mount for a $120 scope. I am planning on upgrading the optice later, and love that with the ADM mount I can just change the rings on it to go from 30mm to 35mm or 1". Turns out I will have to use their CS after all.

Sighting in was very easy, only took a few rounds. Soon I was put 5 American Eagle .223 55gr through one ragged hole at 25 yards, as I wanted a 25/330yard zero. Awesome right?

Decided to bang some steel plates out at 200 yards, then 300 yards, then 400 yards. At 400 yards after figuring out the holdover I banged out 5/5. I was very satisfied. Mind you I was shooting this like a bolt action rifle. I am eternally gratefull I put a large latch BCM Vltor Gunfighter Mod 3 on it, as a standard CH would have been a pain in the ass. I set down the rifle on the back bench and turned my attention to my other new build, 16" DD barreled mutt(which was flawless btw). I then let my friend take it out to 300 and 400. Same results. I then decided to go out to 500 yards. My spotter told me that I was shooting way high. Weird right? I was soon holding over.....holding under my target at 500 yards a few inches under the target before I was hitting it.

I brought it back to 25 yards and found that I had indeed lost zero. A five round grouping, still one ragged hole, was now a bit over 1" above point of aim. I just want to add that after zeroing I capped the turrets.

I've called PA and was told that CS would give me a call back. I'm sure they take good care of me. Tho, I'm not sure if I'm gonna ask for the same replacement. I think I'm just gonna get a vortex 1-4x.

I'll be back with updates! The day wasn't a total bust, I did get to spend a day at the range with my friends. It really was a good day!

Quentin 04-02-2013 07:12 PM

Wow, nice, nice, nice AT!!!

Sniper03 04-02-2013 07:18 PM


Very Nice!


AgentTikki 04-02-2013 08:08 PM

Thx guys.... Just hoping that I can schedule some more range time to get out. And hoping ammo prices plummet. If only people will stop buying ammo......

Quentin 04-02-2013 09:09 PM

Yeah we've all cut back shooting over the last few months. I have a good stock of ammo but use it sparingly. Now with spring here I hope 9mm and 5.56 free up some. Right now 100 rounds of 5.56 is all I shoot during a trip to the desert or range. I shoot much more 22lr and 9mm now. Have to be careful with those too. I haven't bought any ammo since Nov.

Anyway, I bet your SPR will shoot great!

ZeusEcho 04-03-2013 12:31 AM

Very nice build tiki! A vortex will suit that rifle well!

AgentTikki 04-03-2013 03:14 PM

Ok, as per the advice of Seekin's smith, Matt, I measured the front section of my BHW barrel. It is .732". Is this normal? Within Specs?

AgentTikki 04-03-2013 08:57 PM

OK, just re-read the specs, the barrel is .750 under the gas block and .730 in front of it. I will have to take the handguards off and possibly the gas block off and remeasure it.

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