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Blackbeard1718 09-20-2011 07:18 PM

New RRA AR'er! Hitting the Range Thursday!
Ahoy & Howdy, Shipmates!

I managed to pick up a New RRA LAR-15 Tactical Operator 2, last Thursday. I've got a few goodies coming in this week, that'll give me a chance to get them on there, before my Range Trip on Thursday. Can't wait!

Many Thanks to THB, for his invaluable help and advice! It's greatly appreciated!

I've been on the fence, about getting an LAR-9 9mm or the AR-15 223/556. I like 9mm's, and have a couple of Carbine's, and most of my Handguns are 9mm's. However, I decided to buy the AR-15 first, since I didn't have one in that caliber.

I got an EXCELLENT Deal from my Local Gun-Guy, who threw in 100 Rounds of American Eagle 223 55gr FMJ. I picked up a few more boxes at Walley World, for $5.97 for a Box of 20 Rounds.

I had been looking locally to have an AR built like I wanted, and the cost was going to come in around $1,400, regardless of whether it was the AR-15 or the AR-9. I called my Gun-Guy the other day, and he happened to have the RRA Tac Op 2 available. After I hit the Range that day, I went over to his Shop, looked it over, and bought it.

No pics just yet, as it's still Naked! I'll get a Before and After Pic, once I get my Scope and all on it. Most of my Rifles are Bench Shooters, with Scopes and Bi-Pods, so this won't be a Carry Rifle either. I usually Shoot Standing with my Handguns, then switch to the Rifles and Bench 'em towards the end of my Range Time. I'm Retired/Retired and 55, so no more Running Target Drills for me. I'll just Snipe-'Em at a distance!

BTW, this is the one I picked up:

Rock River Arms: NEW! RRA LAR-15 Tactical Operator2

This particular Rifle came with the RRA Tactical Carry Handle w/Rear Sight.



Snakedriver 09-20-2011 09:10 PM

You're a lucky man!!! ;) I'm currently waiting for my RRA mid-length upper to arrive and the waiting is almost painful. Be sure to let us know how she shoots. They are supposed to be very acurate.

Whan you get ready for a scope RRA makes a good affordable cantilevered scope mount, similar to the Burris PEPR too. I've already got my optics set-up ready when my upper arrives.

As usual, pics of gun (GF or Wife optional) are required. :D

Blackbeard1718 09-20-2011 11:48 PM


Originally Posted by Snakedriver (Post 583353)

Whan you get ready for a scope RRA makes a good affordable cantilevered scope mount, similar to the Burris PEPR too.

As usual, pics of gun (GF or Wife optional) are required.

Thanks SD!

Matter of fact... took care of that today! I ordered a Redfield Revolution 3-9x50 Scope, with the Accu-Range Reticle, over the weekend, and it came in today!.

Should help me reacquire the target a bit faster. I wear Glasses & Bi-Focals (No-Line...), and sometimes I have a bit of a problem getting the Crosshairs locked on Target, if the Target has a black background.

The reason I went with SWFA, was that they had a Package Deal, with the Scope & SWFA S.S.A.L.T. (Single Solution AR Light Tactical) AR-15 P.E.P.R. Style Mount, for $30 off. Total for the Scope & Mount was $229.95 + Tax & Shipping. I liked the Large Objective, so it'll allow more light when I'm shooting. Every little bit helps!

Here's the one I bought:

Redfield 3-9x50 Revolution Rifle Scope Kit

I have a couple of Vortex StrikeFire Green/Red Dot Scopes, a Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40 AO BDC Reticle Scope, and a Simmons White Tail 6.5-20x50 Scope. I wanted to try other brands, and get a feel for what's out there, when I'm looking for a new Scope in the future.

As for pics of the Rifle, I'll get those as soon as I get everything together. As requested, here are some pics of the Wife and Kids to hold you until then.....




Snakedriver 09-21-2011 12:08 AM

Very nice optics setup!!!! :cool:

P.S.: The wife and kids seem to suit you. Can she make a good sammich???

Txhillbilly 09-21-2011 12:10 AM

BB,I'm glad that you got what you wanted.It should bring you much enjoyment when you get everything together.

If you reload,or start reloading,there is a wide assortment of bullets that gun will/should shoot great,ranging up to 75gr match bullets. (There will be guy's saying it won't shoot 75gr with a 1-9 twist,but there are a couple Hornady 75gr match bullets designed for a 1-9 twist.) I shoot them all the time out of my Savage 12 with a 1-9 twist.

We look forward to a full range report!

luan87us 09-21-2011 01:38 AM

This rifle is actually what I was considering buying while I was shopping for my first AR15. Decided to build my own instead and went with a PSA upper. But I like the handguard on these. They look cooler then normal hanguards. And that Operator CAR stock looks beefy too.

Quentin 09-21-2011 06:16 AM

Good luck at the range, BB.

Love the pics of the family! Looks like they can take care of themselves in a fight! :p

USEBOTHHANDS 09-21-2011 11:44 PM

i ordered my RRA upper in April of 2009 and wound up waiting until November of '09 before it was ready, i feel ya pain Snakedriver.

But to all of those reading this thread, if ya don't mind the wait, go to RRA's website and order the rifles for a few hundred dollars cheaper.

AND, you can add, or take off anything you do or don't want on the build.

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