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Loco40 01-11-2008 01:53 PM

New Barrel Break-In...Question
I have a brand new Wilson stainless barrel. In cleaning it prior to initial firing I noticed a rough spot in the bore as I pushed a patch through. It was around the gas port. I got my bore scope and looked down in there. I noticed that the edges or the gas port hole were slightly rough. I looked at my other barrels all of which have been shot and none of them had rough edges on the port hole. Is this normal? Will this clean up after shooting? Should I shoot it? I am going to call Wilson right now but I would greatly appreciate any feed back you guys could provide.

PS: Any thoughts on break in of stainless barrels are also welcome!


butchtango 02-06-2008 01:04 PM

Breaking in your Barrel procedure
When breaking in a barrel, a good practice to use is shoot the gun 5-10 times and clean it. shootin the gun 10-15 times and clean it again. shoot the gun 50 times and this point I would take a wire brush and some copper solvent and get a soft brush to apply the solvent and let it sit for about 15 mins....then take the wire brush and run it up and down the rifleing of the barrel (letting the brush twist as it goes) this will smooth out all the rifleing in the barrel. do this until you dont see anymore "blue" come out of the barrel with the cleaning patches and shoot 100 rounds through it and clean it this point the rifleing should be smooth and the nick on the gas port should be gone as well. I have found that when doing this initialy you will get better accuracy out of your gun. The reason for doing this is because all "new" barrel have sharp edges on the rifleing of the barrel....when they cut the rifleing in it will allways leave these "sharp" edges......unless it is a match grade barrel and then this process is basicly done for you.

matt g 02-06-2008 01:57 PM

Have you contacted Wilson to see what they say about it? Generally, Wilson stuff is top quality and they have really good customer service.

Loco40 02-28-2008 03:21 PM

Wilson was great to talk to. They said that I could use the standard break in procedure. Clean after everyshot for the first 10 roubds then after each 3 rounds then after 10 rounds then your good. He said however that would only be to make me feel good and was not required. As for the burr i found on the gas port he said that should go away after a few shots and was normal. I fired a round and cleaned checking the burr each time with my borescope and sure enough it vanished after a while. I don't know if Wilson chambered it or not but I am not super impressed with the 1.25 - 2.5 MOA that I am getting. Some ammo is even worse than this. The match grade 77 grain work best but Hornady 55 grain V max allso work well. Twist is 1:8

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