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bf109 10-16-2012 09:41 PM

Need Help choosing my first AR15 - Quality and Reliability
Hi, I'm interested in getting my first AR15 and would like to see some recommendations on a few high quality and reliable factory-built models from reputable manufacturers (i.e. Stag, etc). Can you name a few reputable manufacturers of AR15 in addition to Stag?

My budget is $1K to $1.5K (without optics) and I prefer it comes with iron sights (but can be removed to accomendate optics - Red Dot, etc if I choose to later). I don't intend to build my first AR15 at the moment.

BTW, I'm in CT so I don't think Colt AR15 is legal here. Otherwise, I really want the Colt 6920LE (postban AR). Is post-ban Colt legal at all in CT? How about the Sport version?

Thanks for your help.

Dillinger 10-16-2012 10:15 PM

There are so many makers, and so many threads, that really some reading at the top of this section would be a better place to start and then come back with specific questions.

None of us are lawyers, so you should consult your local laws/police/gunshops instead a bunch of gun nuts on the interwebz when we are talking about federal jail time. :eek:

Reliable is a great place to start. That should be with every gun. What do you want the gun to do? Target shooting? Varmint hunting? Zombie defense? How many rounds do you think you will shoot in a year? Do you shoot every weekend now, or just occassionally?

All these questions will help us help you.

Or you can go with the blanket statement of "get a Colt/Noveske/BCM/YHM/DPMS/RRA and don't worry about it". :rolleyes:

bf109 10-17-2012 02:48 AM

Any model suggestions?
Thanks. I'll use the AR15 for the range and HD. I know shotgun might be a better choice for HD but I just want a semi-auto with magzine changing capability.

As to how many round I plan to shoot, I guess 100 rounds every 2 weeks or 2500 rounds per year. I prefer a carbine size barrel so that it's more compact.

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