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EliteTactical83 06-30-2012 04:03 PM

My first Ar15 build
I was looking around online trying to find the best ar15 and came to the conclusion I can build a great one for the same money or less. I was wondering if anyone could help me with picking the right parts. Starting with the best lower receiver and so on

tacticalfun 06-30-2012 04:08 PM

What will you use it for? How heavy/light can it be? What kind of optics do you want? What weather will it see?

EliteTactical83 06-30-2012 04:17 PM

I live in michigan so the weather varies. I don't want the rifle to be too heavy but I don't want it to light either. I plan on using the ar for plinking and tactical training. As for sights I'm not sure yet

tacticalfun 06-30-2012 04:23 PM

Figure out your optic then ill help you with a rail system. Go to the deals deals deals thread. Theres some spikes lowers there. What distance will you be shooting?

tacticalfun 06-30-2012 04:24 PM

Also. Theres some bcm uppers on gunbroker for 400$

EliteTactical83 06-30-2012 04:27 PM

I'm leaning towards an eotech sight

tacticalfun 06-30-2012 04:37 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Google troy industries battle rails.. or go to and check em out. I have both. Heres my new troy build. And one with all magpul

Attachment 50394

Attachment 50393

EliteTactical83 06-30-2012 04:41 PM

Those look great! I saw a three pack of stripped lower receivers from Do you know anything about them?

tacticalfun 06-30-2012 04:43 PM

Can you post a link please?

EliteTactical83 06-30-2012 04:53 PM

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