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GunNut 12-04-2010 02:16 AM

Model 1 Sales Product
This is a request for product testimonials. That is to say no "Hear Say". If you have actually purchased an upper receiver from Model 1 Sales what has been your experience?

In particular the 6.8 SPC upper in 18 inches with the barrel made by E.R. Shaw with a 1-9.5 twist rate.

Thank you in advance.

kenhesr 12-04-2010 06:31 PM

Sorry USNCDR, no 6.8 to comment on. I can say a few things about Mod 1 Sales and E R Shaw bbls in general.

I like Mod 1 products. I'm running a dozen rifle kits in various cals. from them and have been buying their AR parts for many years. I have had very good luck with E R Shaw barrels. One of my 5.56 kits has over 10k rds thru it and is still very accurate and runs 100%.

Over the years I've never had any problems with their parts, kits or broken anything from them. The fit and finish has always been exceptional, as good as my Colts, JMHO. Im not a big fan of the FCG parts that come with the kits, I usually upgrade to Bushy FCG parts but thats a personal thing. This is my last kit, purchased about 16 mos. ago.

Now a few words about Model 1 Sales the company. For close to 20 years I've always bought from them on line using a credit card I reserve for internet purchases only, I never had a problem. I had seen posts of other people having unauthorized purchases on their card shortly after buying from Mod 1, little stuff like music downloads, usually under $50.00, never thought much about it because it had never happened to me!

Two days after my last kit purchase from Mod 1 somebody started buying shoes on line with my card number. In 3 weeks they bought over $700.00 worth. Now it may just be a coincidence, but I had not used that card for over a month before my Mod 1 purchase.

It didn't cost me anything, the CC company took it in the shorts, but I did not like it! I still buy from them, I like their stuff and they might not even know or be involved, but I pay by money order only. No way I'll let them have my CC number.

This is just what I ran into and it was almost 1 1/2 years ago, maybe they have the problem fixed by now. Good luck on your build, Ken

GunNut 12-05-2010 12:50 AM

Thank you Ken!

My method on this build is have an FFL I know actually buy the upper. One thing Model 1 does not offer on this particular upper is a JP Vtac tube. The FFL has one hand and plans to switch it over. The other factor in this is that I am trading a Tikka Tactical in 556 for the upper and avoiding using a credit card all together.

Keep them coming guys.

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