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CHLChris 07-15-2010 03:01 AM

Mobil 1 as gun oil
I've been doing a little reading AFTER I went and bought some Mobil 1 for my new AR build. Oops.

It seems I bought 5W20. Cane suggests 0W-30 and I've read that 20W50 is good, too. No word on 5W-20.

First, what are people's experience with this as an overall gun oil? May I use it as a gun oil replacement for every location on any firearm that I would apply gun oil like Hoppe's? Or only in certain locations?

Second, is the # of the oil important enough that I should go and exchange it for another viscosity?

Ounce for ounce, this option has got to be pennies on the dollar compared to Hoppe's or RemOil. Thanks for the suggestion, Cane!

Poink88 07-15-2010 03:22 AM

I am using Mobil 1 with Tufoil additive on it :).

The lower the viscosity number the thinner it is and lower freezing point (IIRC). I use the higher grade since I am in Texas and that is what I use for my car.

planenut 07-15-2010 05:51 AM

I've tried the search and found little on using Synthetics but it seems to crop up on some of the cleaning threads.

I'll be following this thread for more info..

bkt 07-15-2010 09:44 AM

Mobil1 0w-40 is what I use 'cuz it's what I put in my car. Works great.

jeepcreep927 07-15-2010 10:07 AM

I am with BKT. Straight 40 weight synthetic has worked great in my AR's for tens of thousands of rounds.

spittinfire 07-15-2010 10:21 AM

For what you are doing you will see almost no difference. If you want to use mobel 1 I would use whatever you have on hand. Room temperature keeps all the oils at basically the same viscosity(among friends) and will lubricate your pistol fine. Heat is not even an issue. Even natural oils will push 300 degrees before breaking down and synthetics will go higher.

NGIB 07-15-2010 10:54 AM

Been using 10W30 for years with no problems...

Bob Hostetter 07-15-2010 06:07 PM

It will work fine

CHLChris 07-15-2010 10:16 PM

I've heard that about grease. But it seems to me a little odd using dinosaur grease right next to synthetic oil. I have a simple brain on some things and once I go synthetic, it seems that it would be good for my brain to keep it that way. Does anyone know of any synthetic greases?

BTW, when you say grease, I'm assuming y'all mean that black gooey stuff you put on, say, weight distribution bars for a trailer hitch to get them to insert better? That stuff? Nothing special, right? You buy it in the peanut can-type container?

Thanks, all!

canebrake 07-15-2010 11:23 PM

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The viscosity of the oil is not critical unless you carry North of the Arctic Circle. If you do not have any Mobil 1 now, go with the cheapest (on sale) or if you do have a choice, get the lowest viscosity. The fact it is designed to work in a hot carbon deposited environment is its virtue. I clean my gun after every shooting (range or PD) and this stuff makes it easy to wipe off the range sweat & soot.

DO NOT go wet, just a light mop job on all surfaces and a drip or two on the metal to metal surfaces is required.

Get yourself one of these:

I'm obviously referring to the oil needle but everyone should have a vintage S&W .44 Rem Mag in their arsenal. Empire Level 2776 Precision Oiler

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