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bernie 09-11-2008 08:05 PM

M16 type of gun?
Before another assault weapons ban,
I would like to get something.
I would be interested in an M16 type of weapon,
what is similar, in the civilian world?
(Yes, I know I can't have full auto or burst)
I would prefer a common round size, reliability, and common spare parts.

In addition, I want to add a pump 12 gauge to my toys.
Anybody have preferences on those--again, reliability and parts availability a consideration.

Thanks for any insight

Dillinger 09-11-2008 08:35 PM

Welcome to the Forum Bernie -

First off I will give you this link which is to our AR section of the website. There are a lot of good threads to read through to help you get some information.

Also this thread has a lot of contributions from the current members to help those new to the field cut through some of the myths associated with the Black Rifle.

Read through those and see what you think - then you can narrow your field of questions down to more specific ones.


pioneer461 09-11-2008 08:44 PM

Bernie, please pardon me, but I have to ask. Are you an anti-gun plant trying to stir something up?

I ask that because the question you ask comes under the heading of common knowledge to those of us in the shooting community. Please forgive me if I am wrong about this, but you indicated that you already have a firearms collection.

Since we've come this far, I'll assume you have Internet access. Google search M-16 rifle and see what happens. You'll get something like 269,000 hits. The common civilian version of the M-16 is known as the AR-15, or simply AR. It is one of the most commonly purchased rifles on the market today. Go to almost any gun or sporting goods store that sells rifles, and you will be able to select from a very large variety.

The most common pump action shotguns that you ask about are Remington 870 and Mossberg 500, or variants of those.

Good luck and again I apologize if I seem out of line. I'm a retired cop and suspicious by nature. Even if you are a plant, stay around a while. Maybe you'll learn something.

DuckA 09-12-2008 02:44 AM

This is one of those times that I was talking about. Anyone that would want an "M16 type" of weapon that is not completely ignorant about guns should know about the AR.

No matter whether the person is legit or not. Asking questions on a message board first is not a good way to start. I could tell this guy anything. If he is not legit, let him do the work and get his own ammo for his cause. If he is legit, then he should be doing research to get a knowledge base before asking questions. That way, he would have a better chance of distinguishing between bs and truth. I would suggest a wonderful tool that has been around for a while. Friggin' GOOGLE!

bernie 09-12-2008 10:24 PM

didn't mean to get anybody up in arms.
I will try not to clog up this forum with stupid questions, again.
Some of the replies reflect some of the reasons I try to avoid people.
I may get a tad bit off topic, but let me try to explain:
I could have called a couple people,
but I didn't feel like bugging them.
I didn't think my wife or the dogs would have the answer.
After leaving the military (honorably),
I have pretty much stuck to myself.
For the most part, I prefer it that way.
To put it simply, People are trouble. (or can be)
I had many people asking me for favors,
because of my then profession.
I have withdrawn somewhat from people, just because my life is easier that way, I don't have to tell people,"NO" as often.
In addition, my mind doesn't work like it used to,
At times, I can get numbers or other details confused.
Rather than googling a bunch, hit and miss with two letters followed by two numbers, I thought, since this forum seemed friendly, I could ask here.
I knew it was a simple question, but many agree that the only stupid question is the one not asked.
I live out in the county, my dial-up is incredibly slow, and I'm too cheap to pay for a satellite ISP. $10/mo vs. $80/mo--any searching takes forever.
Not everyone lives in the city with a choice of high speed ISP's.
I thought while I was asking, I'd ask about the pumps--there was an 870 local for sale, but I had read some bad about them---I thought I might save a little time waiting on pages to load.
I appreciate your caution, and I'm sorry--I can be somewhat paranoid myself about things. Again, I Apologize.
If you all would like to ban me, or if I've broken some code of conduct, that's fine, I accept the consequences.
I hoped you all wouldn't mind sharing knowledge.
As I have nothing to hide, if someone would like to do a background check


EDIT: That won't be necessary sir - thank you for the offer, but we don't need full names and anything else on the website that could fall into prying hands. JD
Dillinger, thank you for a straight answer, I'll check the links.
Everyone else, I hope this reply is sufficient.

Again, I apologize, and will attempt to restrict my questions in the future.
Thank you.

bernie 09-12-2008 10:38 PM

Briefly, to eliminate some confusion, I initially posted this under "general rifle" discussion, and the moderator moved it to here, the AR15 discussion. AR15, by the way, is --of course--what I was trying to recall and get more info on.
Again, I apologize.
Take care,

Dillinger 09-12-2008 10:42 PM

Sir - Please feel free to ask all the questions you like. Or PM me directly if you would like to deal with just one person.'

The forum gets a little worried at times because we have some dubious members who stop by to try and get something for the Left to use.

I assure you, for the most part, they are all well meaning and good natured people.

Any questions, please feel free to PM directly, or participate in a few of the threads to get a feel for the folks, and let them get a feel for you.

No worries - all interested in firearms are welcomed in these halls.

Thank you for your military service as well!


bkt 09-12-2008 10:57 PM

bernie, please try to understand that a forum such as this experiences its share of folks from the other side of the aisle -- namely, those who would like to see any and all form of firearms confiscated and banned. So when someone new poses a question that looks like it might be opening a Pandora's box of goofy left-wing drivel, people pounce.

Clearly, we see that's not what you were doing. No need for you to apologize.

Let us know what features you're looking for in an AR-15 and we can provide some recommendations.

janikphoto 09-13-2008 07:02 AM

it's just absurd that there are some crazy anti-firearm people who would come here and act like normal second amendment-respecting citizens. I'm sure it DOES happen on occasion, but still... it is just nuts!

The 870 is a good, dependable shotgun. There are so many AR-15 style manufacturers that you could ask a million questions and not be done asking. That's why there's a whole section of the forum devoted to the AR-15 platform.

bernie 09-13-2008 02:57 PM

It took awhile to get my nerve up to check this post.
I was unsure how beat up I would be.
Thank you.
And again, I truly do understand the concern, and hope I didn't offend anyone with my replies. I simply wanted to set the record straight.
Dillinger, thank you for the edit: however, to clear my name, I was willing to risk posting my personal info. I do appreciate the edit, and if you would like to check me further, I will be more than happy to supply you with any more info.
Where do I stand? I live as legally as I possibly can, but because of some of my views on some of our country's politics, (and the absurdity of them) I wonder some day if a black suburban with guys in suits will pull up some day, and I will never be heard from again--lol.
***on edit--disclaimer--no need for concern, I'm just joking around, I am a law-abiding citizen, frustrated with some policies, as any concerned American should be***
Okay, I've got pointed in the right direction.
Used servicable parts, of course, or more than fine.
I just wanted a basic A1 or A2 style, iron sights, no frills, (of course, semi-auto).
I found that there are "kits" available, and I'll be looking at these,
as I could use the practice. Its been 12 years since I was active duty.
I read about an option for .22 upper, which would be cheaper for practice,
and I will look into one of these as soon as I have a stock one built.
I will also keep my eyes open for a used one, that I can go through.
Once I get a better idea of the market,
I'll probably bother my local gun dealer guy, to see what he can do.

I'll continue to look as I have the correct model # now,
and doubt I will ever forget it again. (But tomorrow I'll probably be going through, "was it AM16, RA51, or just what was that again)...I can easily transpose numbers anymore, I think I've taken one too many hits to the head--lol. I try to find humor in it.

I'll be reading through the forum and links often; at least, as much as I can stand my slow, dial-up.

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