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hardluk1 11-05-2011 08:55 PM

m&P sport
I bought a S&W M&P sport last week and have been just get to know it as this is my first AR rifle. Paid $595 at my local general store. Fired a few rounds thru it with the stard site and then waited for my RRA scope mount to come in. I have a older burris japan made 2-10 scope to put on it. Went to a buddy's to get the scope on target and shooting some of wally world AR223 55gr. ammo to see how it shot. I did not expect much with a light .223 the a .556 chamber but I am more than pleased. 100 yard groups started at 1 1/4" and shoot one group right at 3/4". Can't weight to get some 68gr loads to try. Trigger stinks to me, breaks at 6lbs and will upgrade that to a 2 1/2lb jard and a hogue free float tube but that will be it.

gulosh3306 11-05-2011 10:30 PM

Why did u go with the sport? Does seem to be good price but what r u giving up?

hardluk1 11-06-2011 12:32 AM

The few reviews I have read were very favorable and with a company like S&W behind it if a person did get a turd they will make it right. Not allways so with some other companies. For me, I'm not sure if I am giveing up anything except a couple inchs of barrel as I would like a 20" but after shooting a buddy's sport I went ahead a ordered one.. I don't feel I need a dust cover or the forward assest that a more costlier rifle might have. Our local dealer sells everthing for 10% over his cost so price are typicaly hard to beet over all. Look up the spec on it.

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