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Millerlite 02-17-2012 02:54 PM

Lower SBR
Recieved my PSA lower engraved by ident marking (great service here in Texas - would recommend) today. Sent off my paperwork now the wait and research game for upper.

I want to build an SBR 300blk for hog hunting out to 300yds at the very max. I'll also run subsonic and supersonic with an ACC suppressor - prob the 762n-6.

I have narrowed the selection down to delta arms 9" or AAC 8" upper. I like Noveske as well but think I can get a better deal and save for accessories/ammo with other other two.

Anyone have any concerns/advice on delta arm or AAC upper?
I was also planning on putting a Geisselle trigger in my BCM 5.56 lower, taking out stag 2 stage trigger and putting it in PSA lower? Good or bad idea?

I have another Stag lower with stag Lpk I was planning buy inexpensive PSA upper for and selling or keeping as backup ;)

KingTiger 02-17-2012 06:49 PM

I waited 5+ months for a DCA 9", they wouldn't return emails or PM's so I went with this Core15 upper, I received it in less than a week.

The AAC upper is 9" if I recall, the Noveske is 8". Most people have had excellent results with either of those. I don't have a can yet, but I'll probably get the one you mentioned. My thoughts were similar to yours, you can almost get a SBR upper & quality can for the cost of the Noveske. My buddy should have his 8" Noveske on Tuesday. I think DCA is quoting an 8 month delivery now, so ...

I like the Geisselle SSA-E I have in mine very much, can't go wrong there.

It sounds like you have a good plan, continue on.

Millerlite 02-21-2012 07:54 PM

Those who are in the know from shot show this year, is there a better 300 suppressor than the ACC 762SN-6? If I'm going to wait the 6months, spend over 1k then I want best technology.

KingTiger 02-22-2012 02:05 PM

The AAC SR7 is their latest 7.62 suppressor. It's the same size & weight as the SDN-6. It uses the new 90 tooth Racket Taper Mount, which suppossedly eliminates any wobble that some people were experiencing with the 51T mount. A designer at AAC said it is a SDN-6 with updated exterior styling & a new mount. A local AAC dealer said he probably wouldn't have the SR7 until June or July, so you're looking at Nov./Dec. for getting your Form 4 back from the BATFE. MY upper came with the 51T mount. The price on the SDN-6 should be dropping with the intro. of the SR7, I'll probably wait a couple of months, save some $, and make a decision then.

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