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kuwha 11-07-2010 01:35 AM

looking for my first AR
Looking into buying my first AR style rifle. Ive heard a bunch of names come up but I just have not had the time to research the best brand to start with. Ive heard Rock River Arms is a great brand along with a couple others but I want to hear personal opinions. about other brands as well.
Im really interested in Stag arms, Knights Armament, Colt, Panther Dpms and any other good ones i can get opinions about. Price isnt my main concern because im not trying to save money but i dont want to waste money either....

lonyaeger 11-07-2010 01:43 AM

Rock River makes really good products and they always have good sales going on, as they do now:
Rock River Arms: SUPER SALE! RRA LAR-15 Operator2 Series

MrMilspecer 11-07-2010 02:26 AM

As long as your doing research you should look at Daniel Defense. They offer the best value per dollar in my opinion. I have seen them advertised for as little as $1150. Doing the research is half the fun, take your time. I would also recomend Colt and BCM. There are some great deals on ARs dont pay retail, shop around. Dont go with what your dealer has unless its just what you want. He can order you that one model that suits you after youve done your research. Good luck :)

9mmar 11-07-2010 03:04 AM

I am a firm beleaver in building the AR you want. That way you don't have to tie yourself to one brand. You can make the AR what ever you want. I have a some factory rifles but I enjoy my custom builds the most.

Quentin 11-07-2010 11:04 PM

Sorry but you just have to make time for research and lots of it or you'll end up unhappy with the choice you made. We can help and make suggestions but we're all coming from our own bias and don't know what you want. I really think it takes weeks or longer to get up to speed enough to make a decision you'll be happy with in a year.

Let's start with: What do you plan to use the rifle for?

DrumJunkie 11-08-2010 12:16 AM

I've always said I'm going to build one but have not done it yet. I did pick up a Double Star Star 15 and I have had a blast with that rifle. The one I got was a plain carry handle M4gery but that's kind of what I was looking for at the time. it's scary accurate and been 100% reliable. They make several other flavors of AR and have a pretty nice custom rifles too. Well worth checking out their page. Prices are pretty good and every other rifle I've seen from them have been good ones.

I just thought I'd put a different name in the hat other than the ones usually named in threads like this. The about us page on their site has some pretty interesting info about the company.

mjkeat 11-08-2010 01:40 PM

An intended use would help greatly like others have stated. Not having that info Id say a BCM would cover all bases. As soon as you decide what youre going to use it for then you can decide what type of barrel, stock, optic, rail system and so on.

mach1337 11-08-2010 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by 9mmar (Post 381924)
I am a firm beleaver in building the AR you want. That way you don't have to tie yourself to one brand. You can make the AR what ever you want. I have a some factory rifles but I enjoy my custom builds the most.

i would have to agree with the above. when i first found this site i was looking at a sig 556. now i have gone a totally different route. i curently have 2 lowers from a local company and am waiting on my tax return to get my upper. all said and dont mine will be a magpul, JD machine, BCM, Daniel Defense and probably some other parts on there i havent seen yet:D.

really depends on what you want it for and the style that you want. personally i like a flat top upper with the monlithic style rail. you may like the old a2 style. research is your best friend in this and just about any situation.

PTsouthpaw 11-08-2010 02:23 PM

Check out the Stickied threads at the top of the AR-15 page. There there is some great information on figuring out what you are looking for, and ideas for building your own.

Sniper03 11-21-2010 04:58 PM

The only difference is the parts used and the detail to build. Many manufacturers are mass production and some use the assembly line process. Weapons like Rock River Arms with their Ltd. Lifetime Warranty, Sabre Defence who also is not cheap but build a Cadillac AR, Stag, LMT and a few others still build them at the bench using skilled builders. For the $$$ the Rock River Elite or Tactical CAR A-4 with the 2 stage NM Trigger, RRA Rubber Pistol Grip, Side Sling Swivel and other features that are standard is one of the top rifles in the industry. As well as Sabre Defence Industries highest quality. I have heard they have ARs in various versions in stock for immediate delivery. I ran into one of their factory people two weeks ago at an event.
I recently had them build me a new Sabre 6.5 Grendel in a Lightweight Competition Fluted 18" Barrel. And it is fantastic. I also own 4 RRAs, Colt and other AR Rifles. Good luck with your selection but do not let $$$ be your final deciding factor. You get what you pay for regarding quality.

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