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MCarter788 10-08-2012 12:39 PM

Looking for Advice
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Okay this could get a little lengthy so please just bare with me...

I currently have a Colt LE6940 that I use for varmint hunting and I have run into a few issues that has caused me to consider building an AR from ground up to achieve all the goals I want out of the gun. The Colt only shoots 1.5-2" groups at 100 yards, and I would like a little more accuracy than that. Hopefully sub-M.O.A. if it is at all achievable. Also I was to the point where I wanted to replace the trigger in my Colt and I soon figured out about Colts dreaded sear block.

My first goal was to have my Colt and slowly buy accessories and parts to make it exactly what I wanted for my night hunting gun. Here is what I have so far...
Magpul UBR collapsible stock, UTG quick detach scope rings, Nikon Buckmaster 3x9 with 50mm (haven't upgraded this yet), UTG short quick detach from grip, Magpul 30rnd clips, Harris Bi-Pod 9-24", Surefire X400 (for really close game), Laser Genetics ND3-50 Subzero, AAC M4-2000 suppressor

Now that I have used it enough and figured out what would work the best as my gun I decided that I wanted a better trigger, better accuracy, and a shorter barrel so that it is easy to maneuver in my truck when I have my suppressor attached.

So my question is where do I start in this endeavor? Do I buy a complete gun and just put all of my accessories on it, or do I buy an upper receiver, and then a really good barrel, and then a really good lower? If I do part it out or get things custom built I of course want everything to be match in its fittings and I want the best that I can get. So with all of the above considered, does anyone have any usable advice for me? Maybe someone has done a similar project or knows custom builders who can suit my needs. Anyways please help, and thanks. BTW here is a vid and a pic of what I have so far...

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hockeyjr1 10-08-2012 12:51 PM

To start off.. When u shot the 1.5-2" groups.. What kind of ammo did you use? Bullet grain? And what's the barrel twist? Matching all those up is the most important to start...

If you want a match high accuracy gun you should look for a stainless steel barrel.. Prob 1-7 twist depending on what Ammo you will shoot..

Also.. U said you want it short to be able to move around.. However a longer barrel will increase velocity a bunch and make you more accurate..

Other guys will be better for brand names for u..

MCarter788 10-08-2012 01:54 PM

I have used a bunch of different ammo so far, and surprisingly enough American Eagle by Federal 50 gr Varmint Hollow Points is the best so far and my barrel is a 1:7 twist. Yea the only reason I want a shorter barrel is because I want to use my suppressor so I don't kill my ears when I hunt. And a 16" barrel plus a suppressor is just a pain to maneuver around.

hoovco 10-08-2012 04:03 PM

I dunno man ... Any shorter of a barrel and I think you'd have a really tough time getting 1" groups. A lot of nice bolt guns with long, heavy barrels barely hit sub MOA with match grade stuff.

I'd look into 77gr bullets as they perform similar to a .308. Get a barrel to match ... Maybe a 1/7 twist as those handle 77gr Sierra Matchkings pretty well.

Nice barrel, trigger, and bolt carrier group to start out ... Unless your upper and lower have a bunch of play in the fit, it's kinda negligible. Bravo Company makes awesome barrels. Their SS410 barrels shoot excellent and it's not uncommon for those to produce sub MOA groups with the right ammo.

sweeper22 10-08-2012 04:27 PM

I'd get an entirely different setup for varminting, and transfer of the optics (etc) over to that gun. A 1:7 chrome-lined Colt carbine isn't really designed for varminting and finite grouping. That's just my take.

An AR platform can be a fine varminter, as can .223. But I might explore bolt guns...even oddball calibers. Something along the lines of a CZ 527 bolt in 22 Hornet ($650), for example. It's just hard to combine your preference for limited noise + shorter barrel + desired range + precision. Somewhere in that equation you're going to have to either make some concessions or severely overpay to make it work.

jjfuller1 10-08-2012 05:20 PM

what sweeper said, you cant get the best of all of those. you need to decide what will be the most important to you and what you can live with, or without. far as building one vs buying as long as you can put together a shelf, or change a flat tire you should be able to build one just fine. i advise this method as you can buy whatever match grade or style parts you want to have. and the cost will about even out as buying one all together.
now you also need to check local laws, most places will not allow a barrel shorter than 16 inches without proper paperwork. also hunting regulations may differ from that of firearm law. most places also dont allow supressors for hunting either.

after youve done the research. i say BCM, DD RRA, and Stag are among the top brands. some parts wont matter much from one brand to another, some will. be sure to research.

MCarter788 10-08-2012 05:26 PM

Thanx, I'll look at all of those brands. And I'm hunting in TX so I can suppress and I have already passed a SBR before too.

MCarter788 10-08-2012 06:58 PM

Okay so I just checked out all of those manufacturers that were suggested. The one that really caught my eye on what I think I want was the Bravo Company's...
Does anyone have any experience with this upper, or has anyone heard of how the accuracy would be? Also what gr of bullet would best suit a 1:8 twist in a 410 stainless steal barrel?

Dillinger 10-08-2012 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by hoovco (Post 968818)
A lot of nice bolt guns with long, heavy barrels barely hit sub MOA with match grade stuff.

What? I can name you a dozen rifles right now that come with accuracy guarantees to shoot sub moa with factory ammo. Where are you buying your guns??


Originally Posted by hoovco (Post 968818)
I'd look into 77gr bullets as they perform similar to a .308.

Again. What?

The muzzle energy of a 168 grain BTHP out of a .308 is about 2700 fps

The muzzle enegy of a 77 grain sp is about 3200 fps, with less than half the weight.

Att 200 yards the .77 grain is punching in at about 780-ish ft pounds of energy. The 168 grainer is still over 1,800 foot poounds of energy.

Faster moving, much smaller hole, less energy on target.

In what phrasing do these two equate as "similar"??

hoovco 10-08-2012 07:14 PM

1/8 will spit out pretty much whatever ... That twist will stabilize some heavier stuff. BCM stuff is top notch. I use their barrels in most of my builds. A 12.5 inch barrel is gonna effect your bullet in a couple ways though. A) not having enough burn time on the powder B) having less muzzle velocity. If you're gonna shoot heavy stuff, it might not stabilize your round. A 12.5 inch upper is more of a CQB type deal. How far are you looking to reach out?

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