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Letting Others Shoot Your Firearms

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When I'm at the club range I always let other shooters try out my guns.
I always take a few extra guns along & lay them out like I'm letting them cool for the curious eyes.

At public ranges I'm very cautious letting others fire my guns but I do let other shooters use my guns if I see they are using safe gun handling practices.

I had one guy at a public range spouting off to his buddy's how worthless my AKs were because they were inaccurate. He was shooting a benchrest .22 at the 50yd range, I could see his target through my scope and was watching how bad of a group he was getting.
So after his buddy's packed up & left he was still trying to work out his problem I ask him if I could use one of his targets to check the scope on one of my AKs. He said yes, so I pulled out one of my AK74s and poped off 5 rounds.
Then I just sat there looking at the gun like there was something wrong with it, he looked through his scope & said "Huh looks like you only hit with one shot". I said no you had better look at the target again.
He looked at the target through his scope & told my he needed to go down range. I told him OK I needed to go too. We walked out to the targets & I was looking at my shot up targets from the AK47s I was using first.
I turned around & he had the target in his hand looking at it, so I took a look then said Humm, looks like I did hit with all five rounds. The target had five little radius's making a hole about the size of a ,30cal round it was just a little high from center so I told him Yea, I know the scope is a little off.
Then I asked him if he would like to give it a try, after he tried it he said he had to have one of them because it was a lot more accurate than he ever thought it would be. And I told him the ammo was dirt cheap too.
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Sometimes when I take more than one rifle to the range I share the M1A.
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I love seeing the look on a young person's face the first time they light off my 1926 Mosin Nagant. I've even seen some of them a few weeks later sporting their own 91/30. An M91/30 + 440 rounds of ammo is the most fun $200 can buy.
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Isnt it like a rule or something that you let others that are curious about your gun take 'em for a test drive. I have shot MANY guns i would otherwise never a chance to shoot this way....and i know many have had good experiences with my common guns.
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Default Keepin It Alive

Gotta share if we're going to keep this sport alive.
A couple times a season we have a fun shoot at our local range for the kids on our junior rifle team. Me and the other instructors bring in our own rifles and shotguns, plus some folks from a local muzzleloaders club bring in front-loaders too, and the kids have a ball shooting high powered rifles and black powders, and trap. (As opposed to the rifle team, where the kids only shoot .22's). I think it's as much fun for me to see how thrilled they get when they light up my .50 cal muzzleloader, or a vintage .308 M1. The thing is, on the fun shoot days, the kids' parents tend to stick around for the entire session, and are just as eager to try the various long guns we bring out as the kids are. We keep about a 1:3 ratio of adult to child during these fun shoots, though the kids are already conditioned to safety procedures and range rules from their rifle team experience. (More often it's when Mom and Dad are shooting that we need to keep a closer eye on them.)

By sharing, mentoring safe practices, and watching their use of my own firearms I feel like I'm being a good spokesperson for the sport.

That said, some days I've seen individuals at the range trying to teach with their firearm - - that had no business even owning a firearm. Usually it's some fella trying to show his wife or girlfriend how to shoot a handgun, when he's barely mastered how to use it. I shudder at the potential catastrophes I've witnessed.


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We occasionally have range days where other agencies, friends, kids, political contributors, and Citizen's Academy grads are invited. We bring out the 21/28 Overstamp Navy model Thompson SMG, full auto AK's, Street Sweeper, M-16's, etc. Other agencies bring their toys (like P-90's and MP-5's). I know the Thompson better than anyone else, so I demo it and give tutorials. Everyone's face lights up when they put their first 5 shot burst down range from the classic "Tommy Gun".

When I lived in the country, I made the entire arsenal available to friends and their kids. Just ask and we'll burn some ammo. My city dwelling nephews and neices dig shooting cans with a .22.

My cousins (now in their 30's) still talk about the time ,over 25 years ago, I had them load their own ammo (under my close supervision) and then shoot what they loaded. Crafting your own ammo makes the experience even more enjoyable
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i wish we had a public or private gun range close to where i live, because they closed down the only public range several years ago and th only one around is available to LE only. when we moved to ouside the city on some land that my dad gave me, i built a 100yrd gun range behind the house. i invite friends and family of mine over on weekends and it usually turns into an all day affair shooting, talking about guns and ammo and just having a good time.
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Originally Posted by trip286 View Post
About the 500, I've heard of people putting reduced weight trigger return springs in their 500's, and sometimes double, triple, and even quadruple tapping. Supposedly because the recoil is so much that it slams the trigger back into the trigger finger upon recovery.

Is that true? Haven't found any videos on it.
I haven't found that to be the case...though I can see where it could happen to a novice shooter.

I have done ZIP to the was fine (if a little heavy) out of the box...but very very smooth, which concerns me more than relative "lightness" of pull on a wheelgun.

That being said....if you do not have a FIRM and controlling grip on the beastie, it will try to jump out of your hand!
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