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Hot Sauce NARC 01-31-2009 09:07 PM

Larue Tatical
I am wondering what the consensus is on Larue Tatical uppers and lowers. I know they are super expensive, but are they some of the best?

Dillinger 01-31-2009 09:23 PM

A receiver is a receiver, for the most part. Ordering one from Larue Tactical isn't going to make you a SUPER AR. It's probably, on scale, 10% better than anything else on the market that isn't from another name brand company ( Les Baer, Sabre Defense, D & L Sports ).

Is it "better"? Maybe, maybe not. Is it going to make your weapon any better than one that was put together by someone who knows what they are doing and what it takes to make the damn thing run? Probably not.

Is a Larue Tactical full build better than a production line gun like one from the "Tier Two" or "Tier Three" companies? I would say attention to detail would lead towards yes.

If you are building it yourself - the receiver is merely a piece to hold the key components.

It's your money, but I would rather spend it on the parts that REALLY matter as opposed to just a name brand receiver....


Hot Sauce NARC 01-31-2009 09:32 PM

Well put J.D. i would much rather pay for quality than a name brand, and let someone who knows what their doing put it all together, but in this area a "gun smith" is an old drunk who guesses on specs and eyes measurements.

Dillinger 01-31-2009 09:38 PM

Well brother, you can do one of a couple of things.

1) You can order a custom gun from a custom shop, like Larue or Sabre Defense

2) You can go to a couple of competition shoots, even if they are bench rest competitions, and ask around who makes the shooters sticks...

or you can shop around the internet for quality gunsmiths who build a good product for a good price and deliver as ordered.

I happen to know a guy who does that, and he has made plenty of weapons for me - but you should do your own research and see what YOU think as opposed to some guy on an internet forum, even if it's me. :D


Dick Manley 02-05-2009 07:08 AM

Larue it GTG. Some of the best maching around. A Larue upper is more like to be in spec than most others (Except Colt, Noveske etc). They are pretty expensive compared to say a Stag stripped upper the the main reason is becuase of the different manufacturing process. Larue stealth upper are 100% CNC'd while Stay aka Cerro Forge, Colt, Bushmaster are forged and then the finish maching is done by CNC mill. Also the the coating on a Larue is different than Stag or Colt. They use a more durable finish, it is very possible an Ion bond finish but I am not sure.

Their mounts are THE BEST!


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