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dog2000tj 12-23-2008 03:05 AM

It's here!
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Well, I have some developing news since I posted my introduction. The Fed's have locked me up. Lol, just kidding. :p

As you may be aware I had decided to become a member of the Black Rifle Club. For those that weren't aware, well, you are now! So after much research and a lot of great advice I settled on what I wanted and went to the local shop to get it. Only to be told that they could not get the rifles I wanted. This was mainly due to the overwhelming demand for AR rifles, but also due to the fact that they were not a direct manufacturers dealer for the rifles I wanted. :(

So I surfed the internet and managed to snag this little beauty on an auction site (no, it wasn't,

Attachment 681

A Stag AR15 stripped lower in 5.56 caliber. Isn't she beautiful?
Now all I need to do is assemble her over the winter so she will be ready for the spring dance. I'm thinking of going with this look,

Attachment 682

Haha, just kidding.
This is the look I'm going for,

Attachment 684

Hahaha, got you again.

Seriously though, I still have a good amount of research to do before I decide on what to do. Probably something simple and basic at first.

Now as you read this you may be asking yourself, but dog2000tj, you mentioned getting "the rifles I wanted"? So what became of my second rifle?
Well, a wise man once told me - "given what you want to do, order one AR-15 in .223/5.56 variant and order an AR-10 in .308 with a 20" heavy barrel." Now at the time I thought, "this guy is crazy, he probably lives in the sticks of the great northwest." But the more I thought about it the more I felt compelled to go over to the dark side. So I scoured the internet for weeks on end, and for a while there I thought all was lost. But alas, through sheer determination, my awesome manliness and some major obsessive compulsive browsing I came across this,

Attachment 683
A DPMS LR-308B, 18" heavy barrel. I pulled the trigger, whipped out the plastic and closed the deal. She is now en route and due here before the new year. :D

The moral of this story? I have no idea, your guess is as good as mine, all I know is that I like sexy Phillippino women and that I am going to have a Merry Fu#*%ng Christmas. ;)

So to all you kids in land - happy holiday's, merry Christmas and have a safe and happy new year. Oh, and Dillinger, that's 2 rounds on me.

bkt 12-23-2008 10:44 AM

Congrats and welcome to the club! (Don't forget to buy ammo!)

Keep the posts coming as your build gets underway.

truevil1313 12-23-2008 12:14 PM

Congrats and welcome to the club. BTW you might as well leave the plastic sitting out by your computer, and see if the card company will up your limit!

Dillinger 12-23-2008 03:08 PM

Ha ha ha - Welcome to the Club. Excellent choice on both options. I think that DPMS will surprise you when you get your hands on it. Should be a good unit and I have heard nothing but good things from the .308 guys here on the board.

As for the Stag - great choice as well. Now you have all winter to search out parts and start with the relatively easy process of assembly.

If you get hung up at any point, shoot me a PM, or open another thread, there are plenty of good AR guys on here who have done the same thing.

Congrats on joining the club - and I'll take you up on those two rounds when you get those babies up and running. :D


junho806 12-24-2008 03:00 AM

very nice!
welcome to the black rifle club!
i hope you thoroughly enjoy everything the AR-15 platform has to offer
keep us updated!

dog2000tj 12-31-2008 08:55 AM

It's here, Part Duex!
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So my little honey came into town today. :D Just like I said, here are some pics (perverts :p ),

Attachment 735
Attachment 736
Attachment 737
Attachment 738
Attachment 739

Isn't she the sexiest little thing you ever laid eyes on? ;)

So, any suggestions on a rifle scope?

hillbilly68 01-01-2009 08:35 PM

Can I have it??:D

That is pure sex, congrats!

What are you looking to do with her (as far as the scope goes;))? I know she will reach out and touch someone, but what are you going to "shoot" for? (range/ purpose).

Dillinger 01-01-2009 08:43 PM

I like Leupold. They are a great American made scope company that has a lifetime warranty.

I have a Leupold 10X fixed power scope that I have had, literally, since I was knee high to a grasshopper shooting Tyro class in NRA matches.

About 3 years ago, I sent it into Leupold to get a set of tactical knobs put on there. Leupold charged me $40 for the knobs. What they did do, was take the scope apart, they cleaned the glass inside and out, resealed it with their patented gas system, check it from A to Z and gave me a full report of what they found. $40 was an incrediable value in my opinion.

I have a project that I am building for a 7 mike-mike boltgun and it's coming back from Lone Wolf and will be ready for the range before March. My only choice for optics is going to be a Leupold - with a couple of neat tricks I will share later, but I am not looking at other companies after spending a day comparing options, performance and value.

Just my opinion.


dog2000tj 01-02-2009 05:39 PM

Still researching
Sorry Hillbilly, that would be a no. :p

I plan on using this for target/hunting/zombie slaying. I'm not sure yet what distances I want to have her set up for, 100yd or go long with it? I hadn't done any research on optics until very recently so I may spend the next month or two looking at all the options out there. :(

I like the Leupolds, especially the lifetime warranty. I'll need to get to a shop and start looking at glass in person.

I'm not too worried about glass costs, I don't mind paying for quality. I just want her to be as vesatile as possible. I mean it would be a shame to have such a sexy rifle and then skimp on a scope. That would be like a stripper with a million dollar body and a ten cent face. :eek:

Oh well, looks like I got a whole lot of research to do. :D

Dillinger 01-02-2009 06:15 PM

Definitely give Leupold a good day or so on the website, it's pretty hard to compare models, so I usually open several windows and spend time clicking back and forth.:rolleyes:

Of course if you want the best, Schmidt & Bender is at the top of my list personally.

It's probably about a 15%-20% better scope than the Leupold but at about twice the price.:eek:


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