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broke-again124 07-28-2012 02:47 PM

I finally found it....BCM!!
I've been trying different set ups for a good bit now and finally found one I love! Feels super natural and does everything I need her to. So, without further wait the rifle is as follows:

-BCM 14.5 mid-length upper receiver with DD Lite 9"rail and FSB, 1:7 gov't profile barrel, BCM bcg and gunfighter mod 4 charging handle, magpul rear mbus, all being supported by a magpul afg.
-pws compensator
-BCM blem lower receiver with magpul ASAP plate, BCM gunfighter grip, vltor buttstock.
-Aimpoint T1 on larue 660 mount.

----soon to come----
-blue force gear vcas sling
-surefire mini scout light.

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Quentin 07-28-2012 04:55 PM

Great choice, broke! I think this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

broke-again124 07-29-2012 12:36 AM

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I forgot.

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broke-again124 07-29-2012 12:40 AM

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Sorry. Having trouble uploading.

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broke-again124 07-29-2012 12:42 AM

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A few more

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drvsafe 07-29-2012 12:43 AM

Which PWS compensator you running?

broke-again124 07-29-2012 01:30 AM


Originally Posted by drvsafe
Which PWS compensator you running?

FSC 556 tactical compensator.

broke-again124 07-29-2012 01:32 AM

I'm seriously elated with this set up. I LOVE it. Thanks for everyone's input from the beginning. Ever since I joined this forum you guys have been nothing but helpful in directing me in the right direction. Very happy and proud to be a part of this communion.

broke-again124 07-29-2012 01:34 AM

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Originally Posted by broke-again124

FSC 556 tactical compensator.

Here it is.
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Seven 07-29-2012 02:27 AM

BCM ftw! :)

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