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winch 11-04-2010 05:21 PM SCAM???
Crap! I might be getting scammed. I ordered a kit from this web site about a week ago. I noticed that my credit card got charged. I have sent several emails and no response. The phone # they give just rings then cuts off. BEWARE!!! I will update this if I get an answer from them but so far, either their service sucks or it is a scam.

dog2000tj 11-04-2010 05:40 PM

How about posting the link to their website and the phone number? Maybe someone here has experience with them but some more info on your part won't hurt.

Good luck :)

winch 11-04-2010 05:43 PM


SeanCucf 11-04-2010 11:55 PM

Not the nicest website. But the phone number matches the address area at least. They have names listed in the contact section too....

Dunno. Good luck. I would probably call your credit card co. and have them cancel the charges(or whatever it's called).


winch 11-05-2010 01:54 AM

Already called the credit card co. They said wait a few days and call back if no merchandise arrives...they will credit me and go after the company.

9mmar 11-06-2010 04:26 AM

The guy that runs the sight is in south Florida and works nights, sleeps during the day.. I ordered some stuff a few years ago and decided to call him several times. I reached him around 2 in the morning. I ended up receiving my parts kit.. The way i understood the transaction was you ordered from him and he orders from another company. (want to say double star). I got my kit with out an issue. But when all else fails, Delto and CMMG always answer the phone during business hours.

winch 11-06-2010 08:58 PM

Thanks 9mmar....that makes me feel somewhat better. When I last called
(yesterday), it least it went to an answering call back but at least it didn't just ring. Last time I order from this outfit unless a miracle occurs.

9mmar 11-06-2010 11:56 PM

CMMG was at Knob Creek this year. Spoke to the owner for a while. They have great products at a good price, for your next build. Delton also has great customer service. They the hammer out of a lower parts kit one time and sent me a entire new parts kit. I got 2 lower parts kits minus one hammer for one low price.

winch 11-10-2010 12:26 AM

Still no call back, email response, or merchandise. Don't buy from this "company".

winch 11-22-2010 06:23 PM

I cancelled my order via email. Guess what? I finally got a response!!

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