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Jagermeister 04-27-2013 05:47 PM

Hera Arms/Eotech Range Report
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It poured today, but the shooters are protected within a housed, heated room. The range itself is open area. I ended up taking pictures of the targets with I came home. This is the first time I shot this rifle. Please see my earlier thread for description. I shot 140 rounds of 55 grain Sellier and Bellot fmj and 20 rounds of their soft tipped hunting rounds.

The Eotech XPS 3-2 is an excellent military great holographic red dot. I am not using any magnification. The first target picture was the first time I shot the rifle, and you can see the adjustments going left as I zeroed in. I zeroed in at 50 meters on a adjusted 300 meter M4-M16 military target. This was done sitting down with rifle supported. The second target picture was a 100 meter standing unsupported zeroing in. The target pictures of the terrorist was done with the last 14 rounds of the 160 rounds I shot today. It was unsupported at 100 meters rapid fire. The Eotech kept me at center mass for all 14 rounds. Damn! I did not take the other targets home with me due to the rain ruining them. I was hitting black in the center the rest of the day. The Eotech was very clear and did it's main job as an assisted "center mass" tool. I have order iron sites for cowitness, but the lgs said it will take a few weeks to arrive.

The rifle was very light, and I found it very easy to obtain quick target acquisition. The recoil was hardly felt and I was able to stay center mass while rapid firing. The trigger had a much lighter and crisper pull then the Hk or Sig, but my rifle was also perfected by Hera Arm's partner, Pro Tuning. The only problem I had was the PMAGS did not like to be on the table while we were sighting in the rifle. The bolt would not stay back after last round. We adjusted by propping the rifle up in front of front grip. No problems afterwards. I am really happy with this gun and had a great time at the range. Feel free to ask questions and look at my earlier post on the Hera Arms 15th Dynamic.

1911love 04-27-2013 06:52 PM

Nice! Glad to hear you finally got her out. What irons did you order?

Jagermeister 04-27-2013 06:56 PM

Magpul Iron Sights. They are supplied through Hera Arms. I do not have to buy them if I change my mind. What do your recommend?

1911love 04-27-2013 08:29 PM

IDK, I'm looking to buy a set of BUIS for my MSAR. Kind of leaning towards the MagPul Gen 2 MBUS, but aren't sure yet.

bluez 04-28-2013 04:18 AM

Nice choice on the EOtech. :)

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