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Fumbles 10-25-2011 08:37 AM

Help with quad rail choice
What would be a good quad rail to go with, that is inexpensive and has the "extension" piece that meets up with the picatinny on the upper so it looks like one complete rail?

This is for a carbine length LMT Standard Patrol Model.

I looked at a Mako, an AR Tach and some others that were under $150....some I saw were in the $40-$60 range. I just can't spend a lot on this right now because I want to get a nice stock also.

Are these inexpensive quad rails generally worthless? Break easy, loose fit etc?

Also, is the idea to get a 2 piece rail hand guard? Are some of these a single piece and if so are they hard to install?


Fumbles 10-26-2011 07:29 AM

As far as hand guards, I am also trying to figure out the significance of carbine length, mid length and rifle length? Also free floating.

Mostly I see weapons that have 16" barrels in any of those 3 lengths of hand guard. So I have a carbine length. Can I just order a mid length rail and fit that, or a rifle length handguard?

Or is it a matter of removing the front sight and getting s special block for the gas tube...... and the right length gas tube?

What do they mean when they refer to a hand guard (quad rail) as free floating?

Thanks. Sorry to ask a million questions.....I want to order a quad rail but am afraid I might get the wrong thing.

Quentin 10-26-2011 02:29 PM

I guess the first question is do you really need a quad rail. Many of us don't and go with something like the MOE handguards then add short sections of rail where necessary. That gets the cost under $50 and is a better and lighter solution than the ultracheap rails you see out there.

As far as rail length, usually you go with the same length as your gas system unless you want to remove it for a low profile block. Carbine length does give you short handguards and that's one reason midlength gas is so popular today as the rails are 2" longer.

Free floating isn't necessary except in high accuracy applications or over 100 meters. Certainly not needed in a "Standard Patrol Model". FF just means the muzzle end of the barrel isn't attached to the rail or sling mount so it free floats and isn't slightly bent when you grab the rail or sling. The effect of this barrel flexing is minimal if you hold the rifle the same way for each shot, because your initial zeroing process compensates for it.

Fumbles 10-26-2011 08:51 PM

That is great info Quentin. Thanks.

To be honest, I don't really NEED a quadrail. I just really like the way it looks especially if the top picatinny rail appears as one piece from front to rear...unbroken.

The only thing I really need some rail for is to mount my Contour HD video camera which I bought a picatinny mount for, figuring it will be cool to get some video from my POV...well, almost from it....but looking down the barrel from one side or the other basically.

I saw those rail sections in my local gun store....that is a good idea. I will give that a try first and wait on a good deal on a better quad rail, something light etc.

Thanks again.

It is gonna be happy NGD 11:37 am I go pick it up....all going well and there are no bugs in my life report, with whoever is looking for it.:p I'm all good though so it will be a glorious day tomorrow. I can't hardly wait.

Ordered a nice wrench, Magpul ASAP and MS2 sling, laser dot will be here Friday, scope is here already.....I am getting stoked!!!!

MrWray 10-27-2011 03:56 PM

I use an MI "midwest industries", they make a great 2 piece quad rail that wont break you. Ive always had a limit on how much i can spend so i do thorough research on every brand and the prices of them. MI was number one on my list, its a great quad rail.

Nathantc 10-27-2011 04:28 PM

if u can afford it, LWRC are hard to beat.

FCross7 10-27-2011 05:38 PM

The Troy TRX Extreme is another good option. It's not a quad rail, it only has a full-length rail along the top, and it is monolithic (meets up with flat top), and Troy sells different length rail sections that can be mounted anywhere along the hand guard. A benefit to this is it makes the rail much smaller, and much more ergonomic and comfortable (for me), than a quad rail, plus it is lighter than just about any quad rail out there, and comes in lengths from 7.2" all the way up to 15". Just remember that if you go with a rail longer than your gas system you'll have to replace your gas block with a low profile block.

Cost is around $150-$180, depending on length.

Here's what it looks like:


Fumbles 10-27-2011 05:52 PM

Thanks Mr Wray...I'll check it out. I have seen it before but glad you give it a good review.

Nathantc and fCross7....nice looking rail, thanks.

So are those weapons both carbine length?

I like the look of both styles....getting more enamored of the monolithic style....the roundness of the hand guard looks so comfortable.

Okay, so my 1st question then is based on the front sight missing on those. Is it a simple procedure to remove the sight and then install a gas block to take it's place...... which essentially is the same thing just minus the sight riser?

When you order either of those guards, do they come with everything to mount them other than the gas block.......and is the gas block a painless deal to order? ie is it simple to figure out which one you need or are there a lot of size and shape configurations/choices to consider-based on individual models/manufacturers?

I noticed the LMT hand guard that I handled at the store seemed a bit had play in it. With either one of these pictured, or any such as the MI that Mr Troy mentioned, does installation of them remove that slop or is it always there?

Thanks again everyone, you are being extremely helpful.

Nathantc 10-27-2011 06:01 PM

Mine was yes, it had a low profile gas block with a mid length free float quad rail, doing this will allow the rail to go over the gas block.

canebrake 10-27-2011 06:02 PM

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Or just buy a Colt LE 6940. :cool:

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