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Engine5truck 03-20-2013 11:28 PM

I am hopefully buying a eotech 516 soon and was wondering if I mount it on my flat top ar will I have enough room to put a buis and a magnifier on it? I was also looking at the exps but I'm set on the 516.

GunDoc 03-21-2013 01:26 PM

I had room on my Bushmaster to mount a 512 and a buis by allowing the 512 to extend over the railed handguard a little. Since the buttons on mine are on the back of the model it was the only way to leave enough finger room, about two slots, to run the unit. With the 516 you shouldn't have an issue, but you'll probably have to pick between a buis and a magnifier. I wouldn't let more than 1/4 of the EOTech extend beyond the receiver but that's just my opinion. FWIW Brownells carries a nice replacement mounting screw that has nice large head and a slot for easy removal/installation.

mountainman13 03-21-2013 02:03 PM

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Engine5truck 03-21-2013 03:34 PM

Do u have a side shot of that? Lol

mountainman13 03-21-2013 03:38 PM

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I do now.....

Engine5truck 03-21-2013 04:21 PM

Awesome man thank you. Do u have 1/4 co-witness? Or do u have to remove the eotech

mountainman13 03-21-2013 04:31 PM

Works just fine as is.

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