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eltoro 11-25-2012 08:39 AM

Hello newbie builder here
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Here are the ar's I slapped together the one with mag in it it's a DPMS Upper, with a RGUN lower, Bushmaster trigger kit, Rock river stock kit. I slapped a fewer cheap furniture pieces my budget permitted like the scope $140 AIM red dot with sitghts on top $50 at a pawn shop new in box, and magpul plastic flip up sights $27 ebay buy it now, And a chinese front grip with c4 led light with strobe $65 at gun show. I am into this rifle for about $800+ "I did order the ATI stock and grip kit from centerfiresystems for $60 so it's going on rifle when I get it monday from UPS"

The next rifle well it's a AR15Depot kit not to bad but you can feel the metal is a cheaper grade and not as good as the DPMS UPPER, I purchased the full kit for $600 and added the bipod front for $45 "I know over paid" and a ar tool $35 "over paid", and a DTI lower for $100 I must say that the rifle shoots nice and 100 rounds with no issues so I honestly can't complain.

I am going to a gun show in springfield , IL today but not sure if I buy anything if I do I may build a ar pistol next I found a lower for $150 "S&W" I know expensive but lowers are hard to find at moment. SO I am sure I can build the pistol for around $700 maybe $800 "real nice"

I will be selling the Ardepot rifle this week in local paper because honestly I like the DPMS way better. If anyone here is in Illinois and has a lower they want to sell let me know I am looking .

OH yeah don't beat me up to bad guys this is my first build and well they shoot and i can hit the target so I didn't do to bad. But i am always open to learning so please brutal honesty is appreciated :D

KG7IL 11-25-2012 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by eltoro (Post 1026189)
Here are the ar's I slapped together

Nice slap.

Looks great. Is it a shooter?

Jpyle 11-25-2012 07:55 PM

Nice build...they are both nice looking rifles. Benefit of the AR platform is that it is modular and you can swap out any part as needed. You built off of a good base...some of the accessories are built for airsoft rifles and may not survive too long on an AR but they can be upgraded as funds allow. The BCG, BUIS (MBUS), optic and foregrip are items that I personally would look to upgrade over time...but if they meet your needs and function properly by all means keep them.

eltoro 11-25-2012 10:37 PM

Thanks guys "oh yeah they are shooters no wall pieces here " For the moment yes they work. But I agree with you down the road I do plan on upgrades. Slowly I will do the mods "BCG is good for now" but the sites yes they are more airsoft style but they are working and dead on from moment I installed them. The RED DOT is a cheaper one but practical and useful for my needs. At moment saving the extra funds to open a pawn shop down in Florida when I move full time. I don't think I will get FFL for 1 reason I don't want my front door open to people because of a license. But never know may change my mind.

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