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556plinker 09-20-2010 04:50 AM

good bullet/bad bullet
I went to the 100 yard range today and tried my 60grain Varminter sierra HP's. I took a wild guess and went with 23.3 grains of ramshot tac and hit the jackpot without having to work it up! Pretty much 1"-2" groups out of my 1-7 16" bargain bin cmmg(trigger is average and I had no rest other than my range bag). I think if I had a caldwell lead sled they would have been much less but for me, an average shooter, this is good and I know a lot of you can do much better. The reason I'm bringing this up is because it is a relatively cheap bullet that peforms good, at least in my gun and if you are stockpiling and hoarding ammo this would be worth a look @ 14.50 for 100 at graf's and son's.

Bad bullet.....My son had a failure to feed on a fmj winchester. I jacked the fresh bullet out and it was covered by half of the previously fired case. I looked around and found the other half of the case which ejected. When I put it back together it was noticeably shorter (1/4 ") than a regular case. My questin is where in the he!! is the rest of the case?....Did it incinerate or what? The rifle functioned normally thereafter. I asked him if it sounded or felt hot and he said no it was normal sounding and didn't have any more kick than the others.:confused:

556plinker 09-21-2010 02:46 AM

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After I pulled the bullet off of the case it was the appropriate length....I guess this is a good example of case separation

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