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Todd_ 04-07-2012 07:57 AM

Flashlight or not to flashlight, scenario inside.
Hey guys and gals,

I'm back, and healing up quite nicely post surgery.

Here is the situation. I have a mossberg 500 I have completely fitted for home defense. Promag Collapsable stock/pistol grip, 18.5" barrel, one point sling, hogue forend, barrel mounted picatinny rails holding a red laser for point and shoot and a streamlight TLR1 with a remote coil back to the forend for complete flashlight control without having to take my hands away from the firing/racking position. Oh, and a sidesaddle holder for 6 spare rounds and another 3 in ANOTHER side saddle on the weak side of the promag. All on all, it's pretty much my dream home defense shotgun.

It's also the gun my wife would have the best chance of knowing how to use in a home invasion scenario. I plan on having her familiar with both my ar15 AND the shotgun so she is proficient with both, but that may take some time. Since she already has been drilled a few times about shotgun operation and where I wan her positioned calling 911 in the event of an intruder, that's the gun I want in her hands (for the time being).

I would also wanna weapon in this scenario, and the only other gun I own is my badass AR15. I don't live alone, but the house next to me is owned but never occupied (old hoarder lived there, got married, now hides the house and her previous boarding problem from her husband so the house is maintained but never occupied). In the scenario of a home invasion, my little sister (20, going on 21) lives with my wife and I yogi e her a taste of what paying rent and providing for herself would be like... I would want to go get her, and bring her back to the safety of the master bedroom where my wife is.

I currently do not have a flashlight on my rifle, and I'm thinking I need one. Once my wife becomes proficient with the AR15, however, I could have her with that and I'll take the shotgun with me to retrieve the sister/hunt down the BG who had the balls to break in to my house... (we have three 60ish pound dogs who would also help with this). I'm stumped, I can't decide if I want a flashlight on the rifle or not. I'm leaning towards yes, just in case, but it's a rough call. Since I find myself liking the vertical forgrip better than angled, I could easily grab another TLR-1 and remote coil it to the forgrip.... But maybe a push button type light with a strobe option would be better.

I am open to all suggestions/input. I'm concerned about adding extra weight to the end of the gun, as well as price. I dont just want any flashlight, I wan one meant to BLIND and disorient the attacker so I have a few moments advantage.

I have no experience with sure fire, but I do LOVE streamlight. I guess that love affair started back when I bought and trusted my life on their firefighting lights....


DrumJunkie 04-07-2012 08:57 AM

I don't like lights or lasers mounted on my defense weapons. I think it allows the bad guy a straight line right back to me. For me I would rather be able to navigate my home in the dark. It's only me and the wife here so it's pretty easy to keep inventory of people that should be in the house.

If I where to have a light on anything it would be a long gun/shotgun as they are two hand weapons. I wouldn't have a light or laser on a handgun. I'd rather use a hand held light that I can keep away from the body and I practice point shooting at closer (home invasion friendly) distances. I don't think of an AR as a home protection gun for indoors. A shotgun makes much better sense to me just for it's a little less likely to go through a wall on a miss. Now if I was looking for what was making noise outside the house I might be little more apt to want to use a rifle but really how much range do you need in such a situation? I'm sure the courts would have a field day with that. But I'm the last person to pass a judgement there. I'm one of those dumb people that will make reloads for defense loads sometimes.

AgentTikki 04-07-2012 09:26 AM

Hey Todd, I like the TRL 1S. Its compact and very floody great for indoor use. But it doesn't have too much throw and that could hamper ur use out doors. While I do believe in the power of the shotgun, it is a very specialized tool. When transitioning to the outdoors I don't know it is an optimal choice. I would probably go with the AR outdoors for a greater range flexibility. Greater ranges also mean that your streamlight will be less effective. I would reccomend looking at a Surefire with a P60 module. The P60 module refers to type of bulb/reflector configuration. Its pretty much standardized. I have recently purchsed a few P60 Cree XL-M T6 drop ins and they are amazing. Its max output is 1000 lumens when given enough power.

My current torch setup is a 502b body torch with a 18650 battery setup that provides enough power to drive the led to about 550 lumens. The TRL1-S is rated at 160 lumens. Yes this led is over 3 x brighter. On max, it'll. Blind and disorient. Hell at three inches you can use the beam to warm your hands at night. Seriously it throws out soo much light you can feel the warmth of the beam from 3 inches away. That heat from the light itself not from the actual body of the torch. It puts my 4 D cell battery Maglight to shame, in all but 2 aspects. The Maglight is still a better club and it has a longer run time. At about $15 for a Cree XL-M T6 P60 complete drop in its very economical. The torch bodies I'm using are about $15. The batteries run about $5-10. Very inexpensive. I was soo impressed with my first one I bought a few more. I'm currently playing/testing them out trying to decide if they are reliable enough to put on my hd rifles. So far so good.

BenLuby 04-07-2012 02:05 PM

I am also one that doesn't care for a flashlight on a weapon. I can pretty much walk through the house with the lights off, since we always have a touch of starlight providing enough light to see in. Other issue? If I have the wife call 911? I am NOT going into the yard. Last thing I want to have happen is my prowling around on my yard, leaving the house empty except for the wife, and encounter the cops who have no clue who I am.

AgentTikki 04-07-2012 03:21 PM

I subscribe to seeing the target and positively identifying it, hence I like having a torch on my hd setups. The the strobe on my torches are incredibly disorientating in the dark. Navigating my home in the dark is not an issue for me either.

CHLChris 04-07-2012 03:48 PM

I have a flashlight on my shotgun since it is a 2-hander. I use the "Harries Hold" with my handguns: flashlight in support hand under the strong hand, supporting the gun.

I have a flashlight mount for my AR-15, but the only time I see myself using it is if these 3 things occur:

1) Power is out in the neighborhood
2) There is no police presence because of a loss of Rule of Law
3) I have to be outside at night to protect my family

I think the AR is a fine weapon for outside work when the S has really HTF. But I don't see myself using it in my home for home defense work. A shottie and handgun had better do the job. I doubt I will be dealing with armed gangs of mobsters coming in my home.

AgentTikki 04-07-2012 04:40 PM

I honestly think a suppressed sbr is the best choice for home defense. The M193 55gr fmj has excellent stopping power at close ranges and does not penetrate barriers (walls) like 00 buck and 9mm would. I think my 18.5" shotgun patterns the best for 10 to 25 yard engagements. Beyond the pattern becomes to spread out. I love my by .45 and .357, but I am way more proficient with my AR. Since I cannot have an SBR in my state. I have an AR15 pistol. I can outshoot any of my handguns with it, rapid fire or slow.

mountainman13 04-07-2012 04:43 PM

Only problem with the ar platform for home defense is the blown out ear drums your entire family will have to deal with.

AgentTikki 04-07-2012 05:15 PM

yeah, a suppressed sbr would make me sooooooo haaaaappyyyyyyyy. Untill then, electric ear pro to the rescue.

Todd_ 04-07-2012 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by AgentTikki
I subscribe to seeing the target and positively identifying it, hence I like having a torch on my hd setups. The the strobe on my torches are incredibly disorientating in the dark. Navigating my home in the dark is not an issue for me either.

This is why I am leaning towards a light on the rifle. The need to positively ID a target before firing. Say I hear broken glass, I grab the rifle and am in the hallway as fast as I can be. Someone. Shoots around the corner, I light em up. Oh, wait, that was my sister, who was letting her little dog out, and when the glass on the front door broke in she ran like hell towards her room or mine. Oops.

I am a huge fan of lasers that are NOT powerful enough to leave a beam showing its source, and just because a flashlight is on the rifle doesn't mean it has to stay on. You don't walk through your house with the light on, inviting the BG hiding behind your lazyboy to shoot you, you leave it off until you have a target squired then flash them to ID the threat prior to engagement. Hence why I like remote coils, it's nigh-hands free use that allows me to keep my normal, firing hand position with full control of the light.

I think I'll be tossing one on the rifle, for both an alternate home defense gun until infer the wife trained on it and then I can unleash the beast of the home defense shotgun I own, or just in case the SHTF in a mean way and we are out of our house, but out bags on the backs, and making our way to the BOL. Then, light will be essential anyways.

And can ha believe it, I own a nice tricked out AR and HD shotgun, but still no pistol? Soon as I'm fully heed from the surgery that's totally my present to myself :p

S&W M&P9 here I come!

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