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11B3OJ3 02-25-2013 09:17 PM

First AR build
Hello all, I'm a US Army infantryman currently stationed in Ga. I'm about to embark on my first AR building journey and obviousley have many questions. A friend of mine bought a number of stripped lower recievers from PSA and the price was right so I jumped on one. It arrived today. Its something I have wanted to do for some time now, but do to deployments, moving duty stations, and starting a family have not gad the means until recently. I am very familier with the M-4/M-16 series rifles so I have a decent level of knowledge as far as gun-theory and operation/maintenance but as I stated, have never built one from the ground up. What I am looking for is advice on building a decent rifle at a moderate price. Nothing fancy, just a 16 inch flat top. I'm also interested to hear about peoples mistakes and common first timer pit falls. I don't know what I don't know, so I can't ask a lot of specific questions. Thank you all for any advice you can give a grunt and first time builder.

GeneralPatton 02-25-2013 09:24 PM

Read the sticky's at the top of the forum. They will educate you in many different avenues. There are also several guys here who are quite knowledgeable on the topic, and a few that aren't. I'd imagine your familiarity with the M4 would make this a rather simple task for you, given the main difference will be the FCG.

Quentin 02-25-2013 10:20 PM

Hello and welcome, 11B! And thank you for your service.

You made an excellent choice in the PSA stripped lower and I'd recommend buying PSA's LBK (lower build kit) which for around $100 or so will allow you to complete the lower in an M4 configuration. The lower will be milspec instead of comspec like some kits.

I'd watch for a PSA barreled upper receiver/URG and would recommend a 16" LW midlength gas system not the 16" M4 profile barrel/carbine length gas. You will still need a BCG and charging handle. PSA sells them but as anywhere finding them in stock can be a problem. Same goes for the URG.

BCM has a great BCG and CH when in stock, I used theirs in my PSA upper configured as described above.

11B3OJ3 02-26-2013 09:30 PM

Thanks for the input, that was actually a question I have been wondering about, what is the differences other than just the length of the gas systems in the mid and carbine legnths? Also, I had been looking at buying a upper reciever group as a whole, but am having a moral dilema because wouldnt that take away from the whole DIY aspect of the build? It would make things simpler overall tho. And I'm guessing from your post that PSA makes all around good parts, and I should stick with them for the most part when buying my various components?

AgentTikki 02-26-2013 10:40 PM

PSA usually has all the right specs. Building an upper requires more specialized tools, if you are willing to take the time and money to invest I'd recommend it.

Installation of the gas block can be tricky, but not too bad. You may have to remove and install it more than once your first time out so don't go putting loctite on it the first time.

You will need a barrel wrench, action block, vise, torque wrench etc etc. If you are looking to make more than one, the investment is a no brainer.

In today's climate, you will be able to save you self a good deal of money if you build it from scratch.

read this and tell us what you want or need!

11B3OJ3 02-28-2013 02:48 PM

Thank you. That is a huge amount of info to take in. It answered a lot of questions of mine. Anyone know where to get a LPK or buffer tube assembly type kit? I keep seeing them on the deals deals deals thread but theyre always gone by the time I get there

AgentTikki 02-28-2013 03:40 PM

sign up for email notifications from Palmetto State Armory, Joe Bob Outfitters, Primary Arms and that should pretty much cover everything you new.

brettc 02-28-2013 04:33 PM

PSA has there lower build kit in stock with buffer assembly and stock

11B3OJ3 03-01-2013 05:38 PM

Thanks for the heads up. I had been checking them and some other sites but kept coming up empty. I'm so pumped to put together this lower now! I was able to get one of the lower build kits you mentioned from PSA ordered today. Hopefully it ships soon and all the parts are correct.

11B3OJ3 03-08-2013 07:20 PM

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Thanks for the advice and input everyone

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