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AgentTikki 06-08-2012 07:25 PM

Drills and practical shooting.....
Just wondering what kind of drills and run n gun shooting you all do?

Couple of standard drills

3 targets about 15 to 20 yards. about 10 yards between each.
2x2x2 from low ready 2 round center mass each target
3x3x3 fromt low ready 2 center mass, one headshot.
12345 1st target 1 shot, 2nd 2, 3rd 3, 2nd 4, 1st target 5.
to mix it up, we through it a snap cap every few mags.

Buddy drills with 2 man teams are a lot more fun, but more dangerous. Since we usually have 3 people, we usually have one guy in the back calling out targets and switching cover. Muzzle discipline is paramount. When we change things, we walk through a couple dry runs to think about trigger and muzzle discipline.

What kind of drills and stuff do you guyz do?

MikeJK 06-09-2012 03:51 AM

Most of what I do is situational, shooting and moving, target acquisition stuff. We set up those blue plastic barrels to resemble a room and populate it w/ IDPA cardboard targets. Some targets get colored note cards clipped on them others nothing. You're told a color which equals "bad guy." You only engage that guy (s). Sometimes you are told multiple colors or just told to engage the ones w/ a note card clipped to it regardless of color. While moving to clear the room there are targets positioned in the distance you must engage along w/ more blue barrels to simulate cover. This is done to add stress in order to make it harder to remember the prior instruction.

I do some dry fire stuff in the house. I also do some simulated room clearing and once thinking someone was actually in the house. That will get the blood flowing.

You've seen some of the vehicle stuff from last month. More vehicle operations at the end of this month as well. Shooting while moving, forward, backward, left, and right alone and w/ a team. I also do some 3Gun stuff. More last year than this. During the 11B days we did a crap ton of movement and urban stuff. Building to building and room to room; simunitions, blanks, and live fire.

AgentTikki 06-09-2012 05:52 AM

Ya, we need bigger trucks/ suvs to haul stuff ou there. Situationaltargeting is a lot more interesting than drills. You wouldn't believe how many times you say/hear "red right, red right no your other right!" :p

MikeJK 06-09-2012 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by AgentTikki
Ya, we need bigger trucks/ suvs to haul stuff ou there. Situationaltargeting is a lot more interesting than drills. You wouldn't believe how mny time you say/hear "red rightc, red right no your other right!" :p

Last class we had a "No! Your other left." He took crap for the next 4 hours.

AgentTikki 06-09-2012 03:32 PM

The progression for me was, target shooting, then doing drills. Once muzzle and trigger discipline become ingrained and almost 2nd nature, running and gunning. Its pretty amazing how fast I make a decision on gear change once that peice of gear fails on me. I digress. Got any pointers on more drills and stuff I do to mix it up a bit?

We usually take a few cans of red, green, white and black spray paint out to mark targets. The last place we shot was a dry river bed that provided lots of great cover that we used. Moving from position to positioin, yelling at one another, shooting at things, then trying to it a can a soda at 50 yards. Tough when your out of breath and pump up on andrenaline.

Good fun. I'll take a bunch of pictures next time we are out. We've gone out a a few times now and one of my friends wants to make a video.

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