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Gutpile 01-12-2010 02:10 AM

Dissipator build
I'm contemplating assembling another AR. This time i'm going for a 16" mid length dissipator. I never seen one and i like the concept. I don't like the shorty handguards on a 16" and i don't want to get a free floating full length hand guard either. I bought a Bizarre Czech/Canadian stripped lower,dpms lower parts kit, Stag a3 upper, magpul folder(going green this time).
My major setback is I can't source a 16" dissipator barrel anywhere where i live.
My one and only option is to chop a down 20" heavy barrel to spec or start from a blank.
Any thoughts from those who have a dissipator?

Gatekeeper 01-12-2010 02:29 AM

Dont have one myself, but I like the concept of full length sight radius, handguards and gas system in the same OL as a 16" carbine.
I have been considering this setup for a first build.
Will be interesting to see your project!!
Good luck and post plenty of pics once ya get building!:D

Gutpile 06-05-2010 01:46 PM

I finnished my dissipator build. I know its been a while. But, finding the barrel was an act of divine intervention and positive energy coming back. I could not buy one from a dealer and after three months of looking one just appeared in a Canadian forum(a dpms 16 heavy dissipator barrel) and I fitted it up to a stag a3 upper. It has a rifle length gas tube with an oversized gas port. I think this solves the short stroking carbine issue. It works with every buffer weight I tried and haven't had any stoppages at all. I started out with a milspec moe stock. Didn't really like the folding stock concept on a rifle. So, i installed a regular a2 stock. I think with regular handguards the rifle looks better this way.
Anyway, the rifle cycles great and is pretty tight with the groupings.
I couldn't wait for a delta ring to try it i used a hairband on the handguards(ultra tacticool)

2hot2handle 06-05-2010 03:50 PM

Very nice looking rifle there. I'm now intrigued by that design...hmmm (sounds of wheels set in motion):p

peabody 08-20-2010 01:15 PM

hello folks, my 1st post.... :)

im a dissy addict, i cannot go over 24 hours without holding my ''dissipator''

i spend way too much time scouring the web, looking for others of my kind.


anyhoo.... :)

i've built a dissy outta a cmmg mid contour barrel, sent it to steve at ADCO, shaved her down to light weight, moved gas port to middy gas, and wow, did she come alive !

im a fan of rifle gas, after building a 20'' service ''mutt'' rifle, im hankerin for a rifle gas, dissipator, and this thread really picked up my interest. just love the OP's rifle,

just buggs me ? why is all the dissy barrel's heavy ? wishes someone would make a M4 type barrel, like my custom barrel, with rifle gas.

maybe just send my M4 barrel, to steve at ADCO, and ''get-r-done''

in the meanstime, i want a DPMS dissy rifle barrel, really bad.. :eek:

cannot have too many dissipators can we ???


peabody 08-22-2010 03:00 PM

to the OP ....

or anyone who has a DPMS dissy barrel'

how is it ? is it nose heavy ? weight feels balanced ?

i had a cmmg mid-contour barrel, but felt it was too nose heavy, sent it to adco, putt her on a diet.

wondering if my cmmg barrel, and the DPMS barrel, would be about the same ?


peabody 10-01-2011 10:23 PM


after building the custom mid-length dissipator..

and then building a DPMS rifle gas dissipator...

i just traded for a bushmaster M4 barrel profile dissy barrel...


looking forward to building this next one.


mjkeat 10-02-2011 06:22 AM

I always thought a Dissy had a gas port at either the mid length or carbine location then had a FSP at the rifle length.

I've also read a lot of bad stuff revolving having a gas port that close to the muzzle.

Glad to hear yours is doing well though.

Quentin 10-02-2011 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by mjkeat (Post 591100)
I always thought a Dissy had a gas port at either the mid length or carbine location then had a FSP at the rifle length.

I've also read a lot of bad stuff revolving having a gas port that close to the muzzle.

Glad to hear yours is doing well though.

That's my understanding too. I'd feel good with a 16" barrel in midlength gas/rifle length sight radius but wouldn't want the gas block so far out toward the muzzle. It seems the gas port would need to be very large to give this barrel any chance of working with a wide range of ammo.

No doubt anything can be made to work but I'd be wary of this configuration, especially for a new person.

peabody 10-02-2011 09:14 PM

hello folks:

i e-mailed DPMS, and yes their dissipator barrel is full length rifle gas, and yes they did enlarge the gas port.

so far, in the few months i've had this barrel, i've not had a single problem..:D

run's and cycles everything i've fed it... so im happy about that. i've always wanted a dissy with rifle gas...why ? no real reason, its one of those , ''just because i want one things''

my middy gas dissipator' of course runs perfect. its a cmmg 1/7 chrome lined barrel, and had steve at ADCO putt her on a big diet.. lightweight now.
its a sweet little rifle.

but now i've traded into a bushmaster lightweight M4 profile dissipator barrel,
its carbine gas, and we all know the 16'' carbines will function with just about any ammo out there.

and they have for years and years.

this new one im thinking of an six position stock, tubbs flatwire recoil spring, and either H2 or H3 buffer .. and M16 BCG.


now ? i dont know why ? but im really fond of the DPMS rifle gas barrel. maybe my thinking is off , but it seem's to me thats what a true dissipator is... a cutt down 20'' ? like the olde colt 605 model's.

i dont think a person should shy away from the rifle gas system, mine works great. of course YMMV,

cheer's !!! :D


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