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Jesse17 11-20-2008 04:26 AM

Difference between AR-10 and AR-15
I'm sure this has been answered several times before, but I've search this site, googled, and checked wiki, but can't find a full answer.

What's the difference between the AR-10 and the AR-15 platforms?

matt g 11-20-2008 04:42 AM

AR-10 varies a little from the typical AR-15 design. The main difference is that it's chambered in .308.

Dillinger 11-20-2008 01:33 PM

^ Pretty much spot on with what Matt said.

The design differences are very small, but the overall size of the chamber on the upper, the mag well and the spacing of the Take Down and Pivot Pins is larger on the AR-10 to handle the larger size and larger gas pressures of cartridges like .308


Jesse17 11-21-2008 02:01 AM

So, if I'm to understand you, the AR-10 is a larger caliber/heavier receiver/action/chamber version of the AR-15. Ok, that makes sense.

Can you confirm my other conclusions below?

From what I've gathered from my research, the AR-10 tends to have a shorter overall length than the AR-15, correct?

The AR-10 is what the M-16 is based on, and the M-16 is what the AR-15 is based on? Correct?

Darn, I had another question here, but can't for the life of me think of it tonight.

Thanks for the answers!

lunarmanathome 01-20-2012 10:52 PM

No, it's not shorter and it is also heavier and far more expensive.

All these rifles are related - and yes, the AR series started as a different caliber than it currently is. Although Wikipedia is not a definitive source, it's a start...

Chandler51 01-20-2012 11:11 PM

Are you referring to the original AR10, or what is currently the AR10?

Chandler51 01-20-2012 11:16 PM

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AR10 left, AR15 right. Buttstock is the same size. Both are "carbines". The size of the receiver is the most notable in the pic. BCG, etc follow suit.

Attachment 37823

Quentin 01-21-2012 04:55 AM

Any reason why this thread was resurrected? :confused:

c3shooter 01-21-2012 08:38 AM

Time warp. Definitely a time warp.

Or posters that did not look at the DATE OF THE THREAD THEY ARE RESPONDING TO !!!!

GUYS! Question was asked in 2008.

Josh1158 01-21-2012 09:26 AM

Lol thats funny

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