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feldmutze 02-08-2013 03:46 PM

Colt Le6920 scope options
I received my new LE6920 yesterday. I posted price opinions on it a week or so ago. It's NIB & sweet, wish I could find reasonably priced ammo for it. Anyway, I'd appreciate your opinions on scopes, rings, etc. compatible to it.
Iron sights don't work well for me anymore (aging eyes). Thanks ahead.

eric1229 02-08-2013 10:26 PM

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I have the 6920 as well and I threw the Nikon p223 series scope on it with the 600 yrd bdc reticle on it shoots great and the accuracy on the hold over points are accurate. Nice scope. I picked up mine for about 200 with the p series rings included. A good scope for plinkin or coyote hunting. Haven't gone the route of an acog or red dot because I personally like shooting with irons (which on this rifle are great and very accurate) if I don't shoot irons using the scope for coyotes or long rang plinking. Hope this helps. In case ur wondering my colt came with the colt branded Rogers super stock on it too and I swapped it out for the a2 style butstock out of personal preference.

azpflyer 02-09-2013 04:00 AM

Highly recommend an EOtech. Maybe an aim point, but I bought an EOtech due to larger view and 1 MOA dot. Works perfect for old eyes, spot-on accuracy, and you keep both eyes open. A little pricey, but your Colt deserves an optic as good as the gun. I have a G33.STS on order for >100yd shots. You will not regret it.

locutus 02-09-2013 06:17 PM

I would suggest an ACOG. Or maybe an ACOG.:D:D

You have a tier one rifle, why not get a tier one optic??:):)

feldmutze 02-10-2013 09:58 PM

Thanks for the suggestions

j4454 02-10-2013 11:32 PM

I have a eotech xps3 on my back up rifle. If I could do it again I would use the aimpiont micro t-1 on a larue or Daniel defense mount. I prefer the greater battery life of the aimpiont I can just leave it on, can't do that with the eotech. Both good sights though. I say all this assuming your not a dedicated marksman just a patrolman.

kbd512 02-11-2013 05:26 AM

If your eyes prevent you from seeing clearly, then the first piece of optical equipment you need to invest in is a quality pair of glasses proscribed by a competent optometrist. Prescription contact lenses are not equivalent to a pair of glasses with a sturdy plastic frame and lexan impact resistant lenses.

After that, I'd recommend a red dot optic from Aimpoint or EoTech. The EoTech has a 1 MOA dot versus the 2 MOA dot that an Aimpoint Micro/Comp M3/Comp M4 offers, but people with astigmatisms can have issues with the laser holography technology that projects the aiming point onto the lens. If you have an astigmatism, the Aimpoint is probably a better optic than the EoTech, but either should work just fine.

If you intend to shoot your carbine at any distance past 100 yards, then magnification helps immeasurably. I like the Aimpoint 3X magnifier, but greater magnification helps.

If you want a magnifying telescopic sight, then Leupold, Zeiss, Swarovski, Schmidt & Bender, Leica, Night Force, and US Optics all produce high quality magnifying optics. There are other brands available that are also of high quality, but the listed manufacturers don't turn out too many lemons.

Incidentally, the US Optics SR-8 is one of the few true 1X telescopic sights available. Most others are 1.1X or something similar. The US Optics products are expensive, but I've never heard anyone I know of using one complain about the quality. The few pieces of glass produced by that company that I've had the good fortune to try were superb instruments.

Apart from that, if your vision really creates problems for you, a high quality laser mounted to a solid free float tube will at least keep you on a dinner plate at 100 yards.

Husker_RN 02-12-2013 08:09 AM

I have the same model Colt as the OP that I have intended primarily for home defense. I also have a wicked but well corrected astigmatism so I appreciate the advice in the previous post. I am getting comfortable with iron sights, but have thought about adding optics of some manner. For close quarters (shots of 20 yards or less) would a laser be of greater use or is that a matter of preference?

azpflyer 02-12-2013 01:37 PM

That's why I said I like the eotech for this specific purpose than the other models. It has a large "window" and the reticle is focused at infinity. So you don't need glasses because you're not focusing on anything near, and you're not looking through a tube. It's true two-eyes open shooting. I have read that some folks with astigmatism may see the reticle strangely I'd recommend actually trying one out. But to me, the big window and 1x magnification make for quick target acquisition especially at close range.

The ACOG gives you magnification options, but you also get the tube effect. For CQB I would prefer the eotech. The battery life is not an issue to me as some people make it. 500-600 hours is a lot of on time, that's over an hour a day or about 10 hours a week. And it gives you plenty of warning if the battery is getting low. I like the XPS3 or XPS2 (difference is whether you ever will use it with night vision) because they're smaller and the battery is transverse mounted, which improves reliability.

In fact, with the price of these optics, I wouldn't settle on one until you've checked them out at the LGS or on a friend's gun.

Laser...certainly that could be a less expensive option and if you're only concerned about indoors and close range, that would work. However, outdoors during the day or longer range, except at night...not a good option. It gets washed out and is difficult or impossible to acquire at longer range.

locutus 02-12-2013 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by azpflyer (Post 1134427)
It's true two-eyes open shooting.

All sighting systems are true both eyes open shooting for a trained rifleman.

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