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ClevelandRocks 12-04-2008 12:45 PM

Carry handle mounted Red Dot
First I need to say "don't get old". I went to sight in my new AR and within a couple minutes of staring through the A2 peep hole my eyes got blurry. I really want to use the iron sights primarily, but decided to PU a cheap red dot for paper punching. I got a NcStar w/see through handle mount and boresighted in my garage. The upper was in a vise and I put the dot dead nuts @ 25ft. This method (with typical rifle/scope) has always put me right on target @ 50-100 yards. Went to the range, not only did I miss the target, I shot over the friggin 4 ft high backboard @50 yds w/o touching it. Maggie's drawers we used to call it in the Marines. After several shots finally got down to about 1 ft over bull @ 50yds and the el adjustment is maxed down on the scope. Is this common? Are handle mounted red dots useless? I'm thinkin the scope is so much higher than the bore, the dot and the bore are crossing paths. I'm a retired sewer-rat (mainline pipelayer) and I set up and used lasers to lay all my pipe. This is a common prob with guys who set them up wrong, the paths cross at a given point rather than running parallel. Any help would be appreciated.

Ram Rod 12-04-2008 01:48 PM

You can bore sight a red dot to a certain extent at close range, but it won't be near the same once you're out to 50yds especially if it's mounted on the carry handle. Also, depending on the actual mount in the carry handle, you need one that is well machined that will fit down into the handle tightly and bottom out. I've had scopes and the red dot mounted on my carry handle, and they all work fine and are repeatable for accuracy. Just as important with a scope, your red dot and eye releif are going to be very important that you are actually looking at the dot straight on and in the center of the lens. Carry handle mounted optics are a compromise, and you never really get the proper cheek weld or alignment that would be best for accuracy. A collapsible stock or a cheek rest riser might do well for you. I use a red dot on my carry handle handle is also removable, so I don't really need to remove the red dot and mount from the stays put so I don't have to re-adjust.

robocop10mm 12-04-2008 02:03 PM

Cheap? Nc Star optics are cheap. Some are fine, some are headaches. I have a 3-9 armored scope from Nc Star on my HBAR and it works fine.

At a higher price range, my Carbine has a C-More Scout scope that attaches to the carry handle but puts the red dot out over the handguard. I have had it over 12 years and replaced the battery once. They run around $300 (mount included) but are well worth it.

ClevelandRocks 12-04-2008 06:35 PM

I consider $40 for a scope/mount/rings/shipping REALLY cheap and I'm REALLY CHEAP:). The mount did feel bottomed out in the handle groove and I did re-check it and rings for tighness after shooting. I was originally gonna put an old Tasco Propoint on it that I had for years. I ordered a 1pc mount/rings but the distance between the rings would not accept the red dot. Typical rifle scope yeah, but not the red dot. I have another handle mount for Weaver rings which I also have for the Propoint. Maybe I'll give them a try. Ramrod I see you've got yours mounted way forward. The NcStar setup only permits minimal relief adjustment. The Weaver mt will give me considerably more travel. Thanx much!

dragunovsks 12-04-2008 08:00 PM

Mine seems to work pretty good. I got a carry handle mount from MidwayUSA for around $6 and put my BSA red dot on it. I parked my truck in the yard and placed a target 40 yards from it and sighted it in from the tailgate. Truck bed makes a good brass catcher. LOL

Sorry about the slight blurriness.

ClevelandRocks 12-05-2008 11:30 AM

dragunovsks, that's what I need! I opened my so-called Weaver mount and it doesn't have that groove to level it on top of the handle. It's looking straight down. I'm heading over to Midway's sight now, THANX MUCH!

dragunovsks 12-06-2008 09:25 PM

No problem, glad I could help somehow. Mine has a hollow base that permits the use of the iron sights and it stays zeroed so I can remove the sight or scope to get it in a rifle case.

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