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calvinbr 01-29-2010 11:58 AM

Bushmaster AR15 223 XM15 E2S
To all,

I am new to the AR-15. I have wanted one for a long time now. I have a question, what is the breaking in time for a AR15? I am getting one that has a 120 rounds down the tube. I have been told that there is a round count per cleaning time. When I go to the range and shoot, when I am done I clean my guns. Do I need to clean between shooting at the range? I thank you for your time in this matter.


robocop10mm 01-29-2010 01:06 PM

Shoot/clean/ shoot clean regime applies to non-chrome bore rifles. Not shown to be of any advantage on a chrome lined bore. Clean after each range session be it 10 rounds or 100 rounds. Break in on that rifle will be more for the upper/lower receiver parts.

calvinbr 01-29-2010 01:15 PM

Thanks for the info

canebrake 01-29-2010 01:17 PM

1. Shoot it, clean it.

2. Repeat # 1

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