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talbertjm 02-21-2010 12:30 AM

bolt carrier stuck
bushmaster xm-15 5.56 caliber, less than five hundred round through weapon, bolt carrier is stuck inside barrel extention. mags are good, weapon is clean, has anybody ever heard of this crap. would like explanation. used factory loaded ammo, mainly Remington, but have used wolf, no reloads at all. noticed the finish inside where the carrier rides along directly behind the barrel extention is flaking off, looks like a cheap paint job on a car. weapon is still under warranty. going to send off monday. anybody have any ideas, also, weapon would not chamber a round but would eject a round. i would have to pull bolt back to chamber a round, used bushmaster mags, and a brand called C products. both brand new,

thank you


jpattersonnh 02-21-2010 02:34 AM

I'm not understanding this at all. Paint? What is a barrel extention?

talbertjm 02-21-2010 03:28 AM

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Originally Posted by jpattersonnh (Post 233598)
I'm not understanding this at all. Paint? What is a barrel extention?

i am describing what the this flaking appears to look like. the barrel extension is what the bolt fits into, also known as the feed ramp i guess. it looks like this, look familiar?

hillmillenia 02-21-2010 04:46 PM

There are ways to try to force it open but it might be best to let Bushmaster deal with it. If the rifle has a round chambered you don't want to send it in that condition. Contact them.

talbertjm 02-21-2010 05:04 PM

was reading on bushmaster FAQ's and there was a problem of "case head separation" where a person was using surplus ammo and reloads, bolt was stuck in the barrel extension and the mag had blown out of mag well, i have the same problem minus the mag blowing out of the mag well. i use some wolf and some remington. the round has been fired, just not ejected. has anybody heard of this "case head separation" deal?

hillmillenia 02-21-2010 05:30 PM

I've had a case seperation on 2 occassions as I recall. However the carrier ejected the rear portion and I had to push the neck out with a rod...That was using factory re-loads 25-30 years ago. Rifle was a Colt AR-15 A2. It might be possible to gingerly push a rod up against the spent round in your chamber and gently tap may release. I thought it best to contact BM if it's warrantied but I wouldn't mention the use of steel cased ammo...Good luck.

BillM 02-21-2010 06:12 PM

Have you tried this:

Rifle vertical, pull down on operating handle hard and while pulling down
bang the butt on the ground several times--don't be shy, whack it!

Your problem might be the wolf ammo. Older wolf was lacquer coated,
and the coating would muck up the chamber on an AR. Real B!T@H to
get out. If you get the stuck one out, pull the upper and BCG, get a
good strong light and look at the chamber---should be smooth and shiny.

No ideas on the flaking finish.

talbertjm 02-21-2010 06:14 PM

lets say it is the ammo and i have to buy a new barrel extension and bolt carrier, what is a good aftermarket brand to purchase. quality that is?

m72law 02-21-2010 07:01 PM

i have 2 bushmasters (xm-15,carbon pistol)both have about 2k rds fired threw them...only problem i have encountered with the rifle was wolf will shoot it,but it will FTF for the pistol...cant even get wolf to chamber...its like BillM said...the steel cases have lacquer coating on them and when your barrel heats up...that crap will just cakeup the chamber...if it was me i would disassemble the lower from the upper,stand the upper, up(muzzle up),get some PBblaster or any good penetrating lubricant and spary a good bit down the barrel and let it sit for a couple of hours...if it comes through or around the fired round into the action...then grab an old cleaning rod and tap on should break free..then inspect your case,chamber and see what went wrong...alot of people shoot wolf and other crappy ammo in theyre ar-15 type rifles and never have this problem...has to be,because of a lil bigger spec. chamber...

jpattersonnh 02-21-2010 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by talbertjm (Post 234036)
lets say it is the ammo and i have to buy a new barrel extension and bolt carrier, what is a good aftermarket brand to purchase. quality that is?

I did not even think about laquer ammo. You can clean it up easy enough. Use a section of cleaning rod w/ a plastic or brass jag in a drill motor. Use a small piece of a green scrub pad and some bore cleaner and scrub the chamber.

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