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powg 12-08-2010 04:50 PM

big bore ar...450 bush vs 458 s.o.c.
dont know that much about these calibers, are they accurate out to 200yrds?would a'' muzzleloader '' bdc scope help with longer ranges? whats the energy at 200 yds,any lighter grain bullets availiable ? thanks

JonM 12-08-2010 07:07 PM

450 uses 451 caliber bullets. you pretty much stuck with pistol bullets most of which do poorly when used for hunting. they are slightly cheaper for reloading. there is easily found load data for the limited selection available for 451cal bullets. 450 bushmaster also uses special mags or modifying ar15 mags. your stuck pretty much using the available bullets for 45acp.

458socom huge selection of hunting bullets for the reloader everything from 200grain to 510 grain african dangerous game bullets. not a lot of load data available but can be had directly from marty ter weem the inventor of the socom. he responds readily to requests for help. 458socom is not an easy cartridge to load for but once you get it down your set. the 458 uses standard un modified ar mags. the only real diff tween a 458socom and a standard ar15 is the bolt and barrel. all other parts are interchangeable including bolt carrier.

both cartridges are accurate but 458socom gets the nod for this.

the 458socom pretty much duplicates the capabilities of the 45/70 in a more compact cartridge.

450 bushmaster is like a much hotter 45acp. pretty much in the rifle loading ranges of the 44magnum.

458 socom is good to 200 yards. i woudnt shoot any game animal past that distance myself regardless of rifle caliber. 450 bushmaster i dont know i havent fired one at that distance.

my opinion if you reload 458socom is the far more versitile capable round especially for hunting. it takes a while to get all the pieces brass dies upper as most of it is usually on backorder.

450 bushmaster is the way to go if you dont reload as it is available as off the shelf ammo at a cheaper rate than 458socom.

if your a reloader/hunter 458s

if you dont hunt and dont reload 450b

ima hunter and load so my choice was 458socom. just the selection of bullets alone is worth the extra trouble to load it. if you reload and choose the 458 there are a few things about die setup that i burned nearly 20 cases and ruined a die figuring out.

personally im not a fan of bdc devices. knowing what your catridge does at a given range by getting out and shooting is my method. i like a wide choice of rounds and a bdc limits you to pretty much one.

powg 12-08-2010 08:26 PM

thanks for the info .....ive seen the 458 in this forum and was gonna wait for a black rifle in 30-06.remington has plans for one in my fingers crossed

Shihan 12-09-2010 12:26 AM

Midway has .450 Bushmaster uppers on sale for $599.99. :D

JonM 12-09-2010 02:18 AM


Originally Posted by powg (Post 399481)
thanks for the info .....ive seen the 458 in this forum and was gonna wait for a black rifle in 30-06.remington has plans for one in my fingers crossed

i think dillinger and myself are the ones with socoms. a 30-06 would be interesting. i would be surprised to see one. the 308 is pretty close to an 06 ballistically.

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