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ironbeast8925 10-12-2011 06:26 PM

K so I'm looking for a ar15 with a long barrel fir some what cheap can someone give me a link

mjkeat 10-12-2011 06:32 PM

Cheap as in "No Good" or inexpensive as in "High Value"?

ironbeast8925 10-12-2011 06:37 PM

I did say Some what cheap I'll pay 7 but it is a build so I will be changing everything out so it can be used

swissk31 10-12-2011 06:48 PM

There parts kits are pretty cheap. Don't know about quality though. You just need to get a stripped lower.

Quentin 10-12-2011 06:57 PM

Just curious, how old are you, IB? Respectful, intelligent questions are always answered here, but at this time I have no idea what you're asking. You want to buy a kit then replace everything? Not a good idea. Please take the time to put more thought into your question and phrase it for adults.

I guarantee you want to put much more thought than it appears you have into an AR purchase. It's not about what we want and recommend, and a quick link - it's about what you want, so tell us and then we can help.

MrWray 10-13-2011 03:00 AM

If your wanting a good complete rifle in about a $700 range check out Rock River Arms

ironbeast8925 10-14-2011 04:22 PM

Ok thanks for all the replys

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