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mrasgt 06-04-2009 02:22 AM

AR season is Here!!!!
Hello fellow gunners!

Here in Maine, yesterday was a perfect day for shooting.
My son and I went to the range with my new un shot AR and worked out some of the kinks. What a day, We put a little of everything through it and had no problems.

I'm having a little problem with getting it sighted in though. Does this ussually take a while?

So I'm all over the paper, my son picks it up, never shot an AR before , 75 yards, 3 inch group, first try!!!Right in center mass!

Maybe it's my old eyes?:confused:

I still think the zero is off, or it's my sight picture.

The AR's at work are all zeroed, I have great groups at 100 yards with those, no problem. Maybe I need to work with my AR more.

Oh, Bushy, Disipator new out of the box.

Work guns, well used Bushy's Patrolmen.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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