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ShagNasty1001 04-21-2013 09:31 PM

AR Pistol lower to Rifle
Can an AR Pistol lower with pistol buffer tube be turned into a rifle with a stock and a 16+" upper added?

highpowerguy 04-21-2013 10:31 PM

If the lower is marked multi I believe so if it is stamped pistol I do not think so. I know that if the lower is marked rifle then you cannot. maybe someone else can shed some light on this. If I built it from a stripped multi lower I wouldn't hesitate but if it was a pistol when I got it I would be hesitant.

okdonk 04-21-2013 10:56 PM

Yes you can if the lower isn't marked pistol.

SSGN_Doc 04-21-2013 11:22 PM

it comes down to what it was sold as. if at the sale the firearm (lower) was listed as a pistol, then yes you can convert it to a rifle as long as it meets all the legal requirements for a rifle.

Once it is a rifle, or if it was sold as a rifle, then it cannot be legally converted into a pistol, because converting a rifle into a pistol is illegal.

One of those strange quirks in ATF rules.

ShagNasty1001 04-22-2013 12:35 AM

I asked if it was marked as pistol and he said yes, so there for I couldn't turn it into a rifle?

purehavoc 04-22-2013 12:38 AM

Does not matter if its stamped pistol or not , so long as it has atleast a 16" total length barrel it can wear a stock . Anything less than a 16" barrel with a stock is considered a class 3 item and will get u locked up in the pokey and a very very hefty fine without a tax stamp . There is the exception that a 11" barrel with a pinned 5" flash hider does make it 16" .Just remember this when u buy one built as a rifle it is always considered a rifle and cannot be converted to a pistol . Pistol however can go either way without issues

ShagNasty1001 04-22-2013 12:46 AM

Awesome to know. Another question, slightly off topic, how are Delaware lowers?

purehavoc 04-22-2013 12:50 AM


Originally Posted by ShagNasty1001 (Post 1222543)
Awesome to know. Another question, slightly off topic, how are Delaware lowers?

Delaware machine lowers are good lowers . Remember ,99% of the lowers are all the same just a different roll mark

bigjim 04-22-2013 01:01 AM

If you build it into a rifle, don't forget it needs to be at least 26 inches total length, but that should not be a problem.


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