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Anybody got a gas piston AR?

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Sorry, I teach rifle marksmanship, and I get tired of the 'Spray & Pray' crowd.

Nothing like teaching women and boy scouts, they usually get it the first time.
It's the cops, and trying to teach recruits in the military for 7 years to actually use the sights and not to try and rely on all that crap gets to you after a while.

It's pretty disheartening to have cops or 'soldiers' sit and bob their heads, agreeing with every thing you say, the go out and act like some 'Hood Rat' with the pistol turned sideways or spraying from the hip with no hope of even keeping the rounds in the backstop...
Too may John Wayne, 'Rambo', and 'Boys In The Hood' movies have rotted their brains!

I can see a carbine stock for entry guys or guys with LOTS of body armor, but Folding stocks? Come on!
Would you trust your life to a guy that had a folding stock?
I sure wouldn't! The only safe place around him would be in front of the muzzle about 25 yards!
Stand in front of the target and you are assured to be absolutely safe!

For crying out loud, our Airborne troops don't even use folding stocks anymore!
Tankers and Hollywood wanna-be's, and I don't think there are many tankers posting here!

<RANT= Off>

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Originally Posted by AR Hammer View Post
Folding stocks, Lights, Lasers, Bayonets, Vertical Grips, or any other of that 'Mall Sniper' or 'Tacti-Cool' crap doesn't interest me.
That stuff is for cops that have displaced penis envy and pimple faced high school kids that play too many video games...
I couldn't agree more! What good is a flashlight on a 300+ yard weapon?? I never could figure that out. Bill T.

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Default hmmmm

First how are POF and Bushmaster rifles the same? POF is a piston system and BM are a blow back system, unless I’m wrong. Piston and blow back are 2 different systems.
Second I agree somewhat with what everyone is saying about rifles. Folding stocks and spraying and shooting without using the sights or not using them right are the wrong practices of how to use a rifle or any type of weapon for that matter.
A folding stock is only good for helping to carry your weapon in long movements, and a collapsible one is just as good. Any type of stock that will shorten your carbine/rifle to help you in urban/close combat is a big advantage. Last thing you need is a long rifle going into a room, it can be done but it's more practical, faster and more easy with a carbine and its stock pushed in. Any day I'd take a M4 over a M16, first the 14.5" barrel and collapsible stock help much more in urban and close combat and in other places where there is more range it doesn't cripple you i.e. woodland, desert, etc. You can always extend your stock out and the shorter barrel usually doesn't take away from range with 5.56. Both the M4 and M16 can hit and take down targets around 600m, and after 600m a small round like that isn't very accurate. For 7.62x51 a 20" barrel is usually ideal, but bolt action for combat isn't really needed, a M21 or M110 can hit a target 1000m just like a M24 and a kill shot is a kill shot. Now in companion shooting, yeah you'd probably want a bolt action.
Red dot/Halo sights and extra, why would you say they aren’t good and are items for show? EOTECH and AimPiont are great tools to help you shoot accurate faster. To start with you can still nail a target 300m out and longer, and when you do you can have usually have both eyes open (depending on range) so you can see surrounds. And reflex sights have proven they are superb when dealing in close combat and etc. I am a big fan of ACOGs, no batteries, very reliable and anywhere from 1.5x to 6x and so you have a good range depending on what you are using. Now some ACOGS even come with a reflex sight as part of it, so you have range and close up. For a M4/M16 I'd only go with a 4x or less no real need for more, for a 7.62 with 16" or less barrel I'd go with a 6x, for the only reason that even with a 14.5 barrel you can still hit a target anywhere from 700m, to 900m out depending on the weapons bore, your sights, and your skill. Reliable, well made Red dots, Halo and AGOCS short range scopes are all great tools to help you have an edge over your enemy.
Also try going into a room without a light on your weapon without flash bangs or such and tell me how it goes for ya. Being able to blind your enemy or surprising them with a bright light on them can work well on giving you that 10th of a second advantage on them so you get the shot off first. For just range shooting or companion shooting or long shooting, ya I don’t see a need for it. But for urban or close combat it is a good tool to help you, same with a front grip. A front grip used RIGHT can help you a lot if you need to fire standing or from a knee or moving. There is a reason why Green Berets, SEALS, SAS, Infantry and etc use such ideas, it isn’t too look cool, they use then because such items are tested and proven to help in combat.
Now I am a big downer on show boat shooting and not holding your weapon right and being unsafe, there is no place for those types of things and it isn’t professional. Full auto/3 round burst 9 times out of 10 isn't needed, without a doubt its fun but, you can fire pretty fast on semi if needed. Depending what your job is and what you are using your weapon for full auto should be practiced but not stressed. And I ALWAYS teach my guys to fire with your weapon in the pocket, looking down their sights whatever type they use correctly, breathe right, hold their weapon right and etc. Remember there is a method to most madness haha.

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+1 on the XCR. I've had one for over a year and it is a very well designed rifle. Have had no problems with mine whatsoever. I, too was considering 556, but I couldn't stomach the stock either. I think I made the right choice. It is just as or more accurate than an M-4. The best thing about it is the way RA is standing behind their product. Pity more people don't consider the XCR when looking for a piston rifle. Only drawback is the price, which is not all that bad considering you're getting a free floated quad rail in the deal.
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Default ...

The XCR sin't a bad weapon, true, but POF, H&K, MagPul, FNH and etc make some just as good if not better, I don't understand what is peoples problems with buffers, it doesn't hurt your weapon at all, usually it helps take some of the stress off of other areas as well as less recoil slightly. Odd
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This thread is almost 2 years old. Please keep the older threads in their grave. No point in bringing them back to life.

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folding stocks ARE bull****....but lights, lasers (of the IR variety) and vert grips have very good cant always be 300 yards my experience in almost never are

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