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territup 01-29-2009 02:09 AM

Any upper will fit Bushmaster or Stag lower?
I am getting ready to order a Bushmaster lower or Stag lower. I just want to make sure that when I am ready to get the upper it would not matter which brand I choose. Leaning more toward the Bushmaster lower with a Stag upper.
Thanks for the help.

junho806 01-29-2009 03:47 AM

most any upper should fit
as long as its brand that somewhat well known
like my lower is a CMMG and the upper is a del-ton and it they fit just fine

Dillinger 01-29-2009 01:22 PM

Basically it will come down to the size of the take down and pivot pins. To my knowledge this morning, prior to anything caffeine related, I believe that Colt is the only company that has a Large Pin configuration ( .176" versus a more standard .153"/.154" ).

So a Bushmaster lower, with small pins, would not accept a stock Colt Upper with the large pins. Well, it would accept it, but it would rattle like all hell & not be worth a damn to shoot. :cool::D


slowryde45 01-29-2009 01:51 PM

you shouldn't have any probs fitting either of those uppers and lowers together. both have the small pins and should fit.


territup 01-31-2009 06:44 PM

Thanks, went with the Stag. The person I ordered it thru said that the Stag was just a touch better finish. I know that has nothing to do with how it works.

Longnkrnch 04-18-2011 07:00 PM

What a out the finish (color) do stag and bushmaster match up well?

dog2000tj 04-18-2011 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by Longnkrnch (Post 489126)
What a out the finish (color) do stag and bushmaster match up well?

Holy dead threads Batman!?! :eek:

Just giving you some ribbing. IIRC, any receiver - upper or lower, that is Mil Spec finished should match up. Now there may be a slight shade difference with some but it should be close enough. Some manufactures have better finish than others but between the two in OP's question they should be close if not exact.

Of course there really isn't any reason to pic one over the other between the two. They both make uppers and lower so why not just get them from the same manufacturer?

Tommy34 04-18-2011 09:26 PM

The only uppers you will defiantly have a problem with is colt because the front pivot pin is larger and in most cases screw in instead of push in and i only know that because i have a colt and a stagg in my collection the internal parts miss and match but the receivers and lower assembly's dont work with each other other than that good hunting
P.S. they due make a bushing to mate a colt with an other lower but it leaves a gap and greatly decreases the accuracy of the gun at least the old style i dont know about the newer ones with the offset hole because i sold my colt a while ago...

WoodysKJ 04-18-2011 11:52 PM


Originally Posted by Longnkrnch (Post 489126)
What a out the finish (color) do stag and bushmaster match up well?

If they don't match, just tell everybody you were going for the two tone look. Works for me. LOL

If it shoots well, don't worry about the looks. Tough to get the finish to completely match with Stag Uppers and Stag Lowers unless they were anodized at the same time.

Longnkrnch 04-19-2011 01:10 PM

Have no problem with a shade difference, just curious. It's performance that counts. I already have a.450 bm upper and stag lower on order. Cant wait!

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