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AgentTikki 05-30-2012 07:01 AM

ALG Defence, ACT ALG Combat Trigger QMS Quality Milspec Trigger.
Life is so bittersweet, after waiting for 2 weeks waiting for PSA to ship my triggers I finally got my ACT and QMS. Rushed them home and put them on my two stripped Riflegear Mod Aggressor AR15 lower receivers.

I feel I need to preface this review by stating that all my observations are strictly subjective. I wish I had a trigger scale but alas, I haven't picked one up yet. Also, please keep in mind that what I've found is the smallest of sample sizes, exactly 1. I cannot say that all ACTs and QMSs are going to be exactly the same as mine, the only thing I can say is that customer service Geissele has always done right by me in the past.

Now my quest for the perfect trigger has been a long and dark. My experience is pretty limited to just my personal gear and helping out some friends put together their rigs. I've put together 6 personal ARs and helped out on about the same number of builds for my friends. I've personally spent about 20+ hours :rolleyes: polishing bending rubbing greasing cutting dremeling stoning cutting sanding 5 mil spec triggers trying to find perfection. Not being satisfied I broke down and purchased a Geissele SSA and found finger heaven.

I first had a Geissele SSA and SSA-E. I later tried out the SDC fell for the straight trigger bow and swapped out all the triggers on my lowers to the straight bow design. I now have a SDC, SDE, and SD3G. Wanting to make a few more builds I made the plunge and bought a ACT and QMS and this is what I found:

Had the QMS been out when I began my quest, I probably wouldn't have bothered with my first SSA. Its nice. Really really @$^@~%~! nice. Its smooth. It has a nice rounded smooth break. ZERO grittiness. Minimal pretravel. I used some quality trigger grease that I had left over from my other Geisseles, and lubed up all the contact points and the trigger and hammer pins and their prospective slots. It is the best single stage trigger I've ever had the pleasure to finger. I've never been able to modify one to make it smooth as this. If you are building a new lower, buy a LPK without the FCG ($35) buy this trigger ($45). For $80, you will have a kick ass lower.

Now the ACT is supposedly the a nice smoother version of the QMS with a slick low friction coating of nickel boron. I expected a slightly lighter pull and if the ACT had the same smooth pull as my QMS I'd have been happy, called it a day, written this, and hit the sack. Unfortunately, the ACT didn't live up my expectations. First, the install was a pain as the pins seemed to be a bit oversized, and I checked on a couple of my other lowers. I really had to hammer them in. The ACT has a clunky pull that oddly feels like a two stage trigger. The pull isn't what I'd consider gritty, but it definately not as smooth as the QMS. It feels as though the trigger body pivots forward as you pull the trigger and then as the sear engages you feel the second stage. It really isn't as definitive as a true second stage like on my other Geisseles. It its a repeatable, and hitting this second stage happens at the same point right before the break. It is a bit disconcerting. I have to say after experiencing the QMS, I am quite frankly disappointed. However, I'm not going to pass final judgement quite yet and plan to call Geissele.

Just as a reference. If my SDC is 5#, my SDE is 3.5, than the QMS feels about a 6.5 is pull and the ACT just a little lighter at 6#. Again, this is at best a guestimation. Wish I knew someone that had a trigger scale I could borrow. In the end, the QMS is a milspec trigger, its nowhere near as smooth and buttery as the SD triggers that I have but seriously, for $30 over the cost of a standard $50 lpk, it's soo totally worth it.

I'll report later after I give Geissele a call and see if we can't figure out what the issue is.

Sniper03 05-30-2012 01:58 PM


Now you need to get you a set of KNS Trigger and Hammer Pins if you want to improve the system!


AgentTikki 05-30-2012 02:14 PM

Hey Sniper,

What kind of difference with KNS pins make beside the obvious? Will it improve trigger feel? From what Geissele says antiwalk pins are not necessary if everything is in spec.

Sniper03 05-30-2012 02:38 PM


They certainly will improve the feel and smoothness of the triggers. I have a set in my (JP Trigger) Sabre Defence Comp/Varmint and also in my (2 Stage NM Triggers) Rock River Elite CAR A-4 and my Rock River 20" Varmint Rifle. Try a set you can not go wrong. I think as most who have them you will be impressed! They are thier KNS Anti-Rotate Pins.


AgentTikki 05-31-2012 10:04 PM


Upon Stan @ Geissele's suggestions. I removed the ACT unit. Wiped it down and removed all the grease. Sprayed it with a bit of CLP and wiped it down again.

And voila. Now its just like the QMS but a little bit lighter. Smooth no gritty pull. I don't understand why grease would make it behave the way it did before, but he said that perhaps on of the springs or part of the housing of the trigger/hammer was installed incorrectly and rubbing on something. I also removed and reinsatlled the safety too by his recommendation.

I'm now happy.

QMS is worth the money. if you want a lighter pull, get some $10 JP triggers, and spend 10 mins with a dremel and lighten that hammer. These are the best single stage pulls I've experienced. Well worth the money. The ACT is nicer, but I wouldn't say its worth the extra 50ish% more money. Just a tad smoother, a tad does look real nice and shiny with all the nice Nickel Boron!

drew661 06-01-2012 12:42 PM

Great info, I am planning on picking one up this weekend.
Does it come with the cool aluminum action proving block thing that is pictured? I can see that being a useful tool working on trigger assemblies in the future.

AgentTikki 06-01-2012 12:57 PM

Why yes it does.

Why yes it is.

Makes installing the trigger a breeze.

drew661 06-07-2012 05:57 PM

UPS Email says both QMS trigger and anti rotation pins are on my porch. Going to be a good night. :)

AgentTikki 06-07-2012 06:33 PM look a little pale. I think you should go home a little early. :rolleyes:

jasonlarue1013 06-07-2012 10:29 PM

Glad you are this happy makes me feel good about having bought both and an extra ACG

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