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BullseyePrecision 01-27-2012 09:45 PM

AAC Blackout
Anyone have one of these?

JonM 01-27-2012 09:56 PM

i think a couple of folks here do. i know its on my keeping an eye on cartridge development list

linuxuser3890 01-27-2012 09:59 PM

I'm lookin at building one soon but there are a few threads on here where people have them. Try mjkeat, maybe he will respond.

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rsilvers 01-28-2012 01:40 AM

MrWray 01-28-2012 02:55 AM

Are you talking about the flash hider?

BullseyePrecision 01-28-2012 03:17 AM

No its an upper made by AAC shoots 7.62x35

ScottA 01-28-2012 03:48 AM

It's the latest entry into "what else can we do with the AR platform?". It uses the same lower and mags as the 223/5.56, but with a 30 caliber bullet. Of what I've seen, not quite the club as the 458 SOCOM round, but impressive. Hickock45 has a great video on it.

MrWray 01-28-2012 06:02 AM

How is the round compared to the 7.62x39?

JonM 01-28-2012 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by MrWray (Post 691695)
How is the round compared to the 7.62x39?

Better. More energy. Better bullet designs available as it uses 308 instead of 311. Noncorrosive. More reliable feeding in the ar15 platform. Uses common unmodded 30 roumd ar15 magazines

BullseyePrecision 01-28-2012 12:39 PM

Can you find the ammo very well?

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