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7.62x39 AR who has one?

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[QUOTE=kimberkid I built one just because I wanted a bit more "thump" at a reasonable ammo cost and more accuracy than an AK can give.

Thats sorta why I got interested in them. That plus I have a small pallet of yugo, brass cased 7.62x39 ammo from back in the day. 8 cents per rd delivered. I've got enough that it is all I've ever shot thru mine so I don't know if the laquer or polymer would be a problem.

I'm not a weapons tech kinda guy, but I always was told that the 7.62x39 is pretty close to a 30-30 with the same wt bullet. My old Marlin 336C shoots real well after you figure out the trajectory thing, so I thought I'd try one.

Don't get me wrong, I like my AKs or I wouldn't still have so many, but the AR is "different", kinda like my M1As are different. All are Good, just different good!

I got the 16" Mod 1 kit and built it pretty much stock, I did put in a Bushy lower parts kit,(FCG), at the time I used them on all my AR builds. This thing is a real hoot! With a red dot plink'in at 100 yds its as accurate as I let it be.

Never being able to leave well enough alone, I decided I needed a full size 20" AR rifle in 7.62x39. Bought from Mod 1 again, built it just like the carbine. Put a 6-24x42mm Mil Dot on it. After sighting it in at 100 yds, with Yugo surplus ammo, off a bag rest, 5 rd groups make the sharpest little cloverleafs you ever saw.

With the Mil Dot scope its not really a problem reaching out to 2 or 3 hundred yds, after you figure out which dot to use. This was one of my better ideas, I'm very happy with both of them and the 20" I built for one of my boys. They all run 100% with the old "frankenmags" or the latest version Cproduct mags. After you have all the 5.56 ARs you want, why not try a few in the odd-ball calibers?

Cleaning for the corrosive ammo is no big deal either. You can get at everything but the gas tube and inside the gas block. I just cork the bbl and force a little soapy water out the tube, its stainless anyway, if it ever goes its easy to replace. My carbine plinker has over 5k thru it with zero problems.

I have some shooting buddies that think anything but 5.56 in an AR is nigh to sacrilege, but they don't think much of my carry 1911 in 9mm either. Now if you want to really get me talk'in, lets discuss my latest favorite AR caliber, 5.45x39 Ken
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JD, if i were to build a 7.62 ar it would be for less then 100yrds anyway. then again maybe i should just save the money for a socom2 for when i need to punch thru somethin or reachout and touch someone! lol
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I looked at a 7.62x39 upper before and found out that accuracy and reliability with mags were and issue so I passed.

I did pick up a few months ago a 5.45 upper and it works and shoots great. Found mags for $13 and ammo for $129 for 1,080 rounds at the Machine Gun Shoot in KY.
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I'm just not someone (in my current financial situation) that collects AR's in many calibers and my 1911's aren't really procreating, either. So every gun I have has to have a really clear purpose.

I have a 5.56 AR. Unless and until I have a bunch of money to build and get a hork of ammo for a new caliber, shouldn't I just build a larger pile of 5.56 ammo and magazines?

I'm really interested in a larger caliber, though. But with only 300 5.56 rounds and 5 magazines, it seems that should be my priority, right?
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Originally Posted by mach1337 View Post
KimberKid is that a DI or a GP upper.
Its a DI ... built on the cheap for about $630 although I wouldn't mind getting a piston kit for it, I have an Osprey Defence kit on a 16" gun ... shoots the same as before the conversion and its now a dream to clean

When I initally took the 7.62x39 out, I was shooting some brass cased Seller&Beloit ammo because of the things I've heard about lacqured cases too. I've had this ammo for probably 15 years or so and several rounds fail to fire - rounds had good/deep firing pin strikes but I blame that on the ammo, not the gun as I later loaded those ftf rounds in a AK and they still didn't fire.

Mags are no longer an issue with the 7.62x39, C Products makes the ones I've got, they load and work great ... reliability has been 100% so far but as mentioned I've only shot 200 rounds through it.
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Although I never shoot past 100yds. Ive found my x39 AR to be just as accurate as my 5.56 ARs. After ironing out a couple issues ( i was sent old version mags, and swapping out the Timmney trigger for a mil-spec ) its a hard hitting rifle I enjoy shooting.

7.62x39 AR who has one? - AR-15 Discussion
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Originally Posted by mach1337 View Post
So I will be finishing my Ar up in the jan-Mar time frame and thinkin about my next Rifle now. I really want something that shoots 7.62x39 due to its popularity and the fact that if/when tshtf everyone and there mothers will have 7.62 to scavanage from. BUT I really dont like AK's no offense great guns do there job well tuff as hell. but just dont like the way the look or feel when i shoot them.

Started to look into a AR in 7.62x39 and know about the problems with the laquer coated ammo and the DI gas system that occur. And also about the problem with the mags but as i have seen someone made a mag that solves that problem.So i started lookin at a complete upper in 7.62 thats a Gas Piston setup for a reasonable price. Anyone have one and what are your thoughts on it?

Or do you have some recommendations on a different rifle chambered in that round.
Why not buy an AK and fit it with AR type furniture. Buttstock, quad rail get the picture. I have a couple of custom fitted AK's that I built from parts kits. Or do like I did. I hunted around and found a custom machinist that swaged flutes into the chamber of my 7.62x39 AR upper. It was a little costly to work out the chamber die, but has all but completely eliminated extraction issues when the coated steel case rounds heat up in rapid and extended fire sequences. I got the idea from the fluted chamber provided on my H&K 91 and CETME. I bought the CETME first, then bought the H&K...found absolutely no difference in performance levels, just the price. But that is a discussion for another thread.
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