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birddog114 12-19-2012 07:15 PM

30 round mags
Here is a link to a place that has 30 round Troy Battle mags .3 pack 41.50.Better hurry if you want any.

canebrake 12-19-2012 07:32 PM

Way over-priced!

But you're screwed, wait for the emotion to die-down.

birddog114 12-19-2012 09:43 PM

A 3 pack for 41.50 overpriced? That's 13.83 a mag. I will take that all day long.

bamashooter68 12-19-2012 09:49 PM

For a Troy Battlemag thats a darn good price. If I was in the market for mags I would be all over that. I have more than I will ever need.

ShagNasty1001 12-19-2012 10:14 PM

Just ordered me a set

birddog114 12-19-2012 11:08 PM

I like Troy Battlemags better than P Mags that's why I was so happy when I found them.

Roni976 12-19-2012 11:12 PM

crazy enough amazon has a magpul 30 round pmag used...ok...used for $100 and a second going for 49.99 also used

sputnik1988 12-19-2012 11:14 PM

I was at a local shop last week that had troy battlemags for $11... :confused:

birddog114 12-19-2012 11:41 PM

That was last week. Things changed with the shooting and Obama talking about banning high cap clips. I still have never seen Troy Mags that low. I hope you bought some.

Quentin 12-19-2012 11:55 PM


Originally Posted by sputnik1988 (Post 1058482)
I was at a local shop last week that had troy battlemags for $11... :confused:

I picked up a 3-pack for $30 but that was months ago. My favorite LGS quit selling them so they were in the bargain bin. Since then he's moved to Lancer AWM which I like even better.

I haven't looked for mags lately, I know I'd be shocked.

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