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KRAGGY69 02-09-2010 05:23 PM

Worth it???
HEYguys,a friend of mine bought norinco sks not knowing guns well bought an unusable paper weight:(.he gave it to me to check out because it wont go semi auto and destroys the primers in all ammo.after tearing it down and going through it the list of parts are as follows;piston and gas tube assembly,complete bolt assembly,op rod and spring,recoil buffer kit,all this leaves me with is the stock,and reciever/barrel ,trigger group that is usable and a price of $210 for parts to make this worth the expense or should he walk away with a lesson learned.oh and the original price was 200.any opinions are appreciated

orangello 02-09-2010 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by KRAGGY69 (Post 227399)
piston and gas tube assembly,complete bolt assembly,op rod and spring,recoil buffer kit

I replaced the gas piston & gas tube & operating rod on my Chinese SKS for 922 compliance (didn't have original stock & wanted to keep bayonet). Replacing the trigger group includes a countable part or two, as well.

Why was it punching out the primers, was the firing pin gunked up into the forward position er what? What was up with the gas tube? Were you using wolf or commie ammo, or did you buy better/American brands?

I didn't replace the bolt assembly on mine; that is a pricey piece.

If you & your friend decide not to make the repairs, i would be happy to buy the receiver cover from you, assuming it is OEM. Depending on the condition, i could use an extra gas tube/handguard as well, if it is the wood type.

I have heard both for & against testimonials for the recoil buffer. I added one to see if it would change anything; i've seen no impact so far, good or bad.

Good luck with it, regardless!

diggsbakes 02-09-2010 07:21 PM

You might just have him buy another SKS and use the one you got as a wall hangar/parts gun. For $200 its not really wort putting $$$ into or selling. In my opinion.

KRAGGY69 02-09-2010 07:49 PM

;)THANKS FOR THE INPUT guys,thefiring pin hole in the bolt is burred and the firing pin hole is enlarged and firing pin stop worn out allowing pin to go to far forward and cant slightly,the gas tube is heavily pitted and the first land of three on the piston is chipped and burred to the point of not sealing well,i will give him the stock and barrel back and let him know its not worth it i think atlantic has sks's for $367 if he just has to have one:)

RobDennis 06-15-2010 04:04 AM

its still cheaper to fix his gun than to go by another at 350-400$ when its all said and done. you're already into the gun for 200$. i would look for some used parts. Try survivors sks forums. SKS rifles are going for 300+ these days.
I woudl fix his you may find the parts cheaper than 200$.

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