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CrazedJava 08-28-2013 02:12 PM

Why did you buy an AK?
As I've been tooling up on my list has been to purchase a "Magazine-fed semiautomatic rifle in a military caliber".

By the time I saved up the money, Newtown happened and I ended up sitting around waiting because I knew prices would come down eventually and it would take a long time for any gun control legislation to take effect, if ever. I was also pretty set on a Ruger Mini-14 and figured they would probably escape legislation again. I won't get into details of why I was looking at the Mini-14 instead of an AR or AK.

Like I posted in the picture thread, I ended up with a Golani. There was a used one for sale at a local gun range and while I was aware of Century Arms spotty reputation for anything other than WASR's I did some research, talked at length with the manager, and decided to take the plunge. I looked at regular AK's and there were a few reasons I didn't want to buy one, but I do like the general AK action, which the Golani shares.

For me the appeal was the AK-style action which I believe will be more tolerant of harsh conditions. As I hope to do some hog hunting some day this weapon may actually get some field use. While I am a big advocate of proper care and maintenance, I like having firearms that can handle a little dirt and grime. That doesn't mean I'm going to drop it in mud, stomp on it, and try to fire it. I've handled, but not fired, Kalashnikov in the past but had not realized until I bought the Golani how ridiculously simple the action is compared to your standard AR-15 setup. It is almost crude, but it works.

Why did you decide to go with an AK pattern weapon?

(FYI - This is not an either/or thread. I may yet purchase an AR-15, Mini-14, or SKS here in the near future. Even looking at a Tavor.)

DrumJunkie 08-28-2013 02:23 PM

I got one simply because I wanted one. I found a good price on a Yugo M70 that I just couldn't pass on. They are not the most accurate guns out there. But they are really reliable. THe ammo is comparatively cheap..still..

For me it wasn't for the end of days or anything like that. I just thought it would make for something interesting to have. Mine being an under folder to though I guess it would make for getting through brush pretty easy. I'd say busting hogs would it would work pretty well. But I'd want better than milsurp ammo. The steel case stuff works OK but there is better ammo and it does seem to work a little better in mine anyway.

therewolf 08-28-2013 02:35 PM

I like the robust build of the Russian weapons. The Mosin, SKS, and AK,

besides a proven track record, all have a few things in common.

They are self-contained. They have cleaning rods and bayonets

built-in. They are simple designs, which can use interchangeable

parts, and be field stripped and cleaned, while moving down a trail,

in the bush, in the dark. They are designed to last, and function

well in extended operations in the bush. They will eat the crappiest

ammo you can feed them, and they just keep on coming.

Sure, I have an AR, and a Mini, amongst others. But when I need

a simple go to, it's a com-bloc, generally.

Have you seen the Vepr? The AK type chambered in 7.62X54R?

purehavoc 08-28-2013 09:23 PM

Same deal , I like the simplicity of the Kalashnikov design . I was amazed at how simple the action works and assembles . Field strip is takes me roughly 6 seconds and thats with removing the bolt , gas tube and cleaning rod . It takes about 20 -25 seconds to field strip and put it all back together. I cant do that with my AR, maybe in 2X the time . The simplicity of the AK has no small parts to lose which I really like , and as stated above they will eat the crappiest ammo you can feed them with and devour it . They are more than accurate enough for minute of bad guy ;) out to 200 meters . I have a AR that shoots the 7.62x39 round but in all honesty I wouldnt consider it reliable enough to stake my life with so thats why I went AK also .
I tried a blind field strip and reassemble and it takes me right around 1 minute in complete darkness that is also removing and reinstalling the bolt, gas tube and the cleaning rod .
I went with the underfolder . I have always liked the compactness and the feel of the stock better , I think the underfolder stock sits lower than the wood stock which makes lining up with the irons alot better

purehavoc 08-28-2013 09:40 PM

Next on my list is another foreign weapon that is on my must have list . Dragunov , . Normally I buy guns monthly or bi monthly depending on price but this one is gonna set back a few other guns on my list for a while until I get the right one picked up . Yet another simple design with that reach out and touch you 7.62 x 54R ;)

ShagNasty1001 08-28-2013 09:43 PM

Man all this talk on AKs is making me wish I never sold mine and now I want another... :(

KAPRAL-POLAND 08-28-2013 09:55 PM

I was learned how to shoot with AKMŁ (AKMN) and AKMS and used to shoot with it during my duty. Now I have as my service weapon a kbs wz. 96 BERYL rifle chambered in 5.56 x 45 mm.

As my own weapon to sporting shooting I choose at the beggining an SKS. It was available at the moment and also ammo and the rifle was cheap as dirt.

But after few weeks or months I wasn't pleasured with it.
The iron sights wasn't that comfortable for me as the one from AKMS so I decided to sell it and buy an AKMS.
I always prefer AKMS over the AKM - the stock fits me better and it looks also better.

I decided on an AKMSN with side mount but the mounts available in sell/stores was for AKMŁ/AKMN - side rail is thicker there because of stock.

Mags are cheap as dirt, I now all the maintance with the weapon, all manuals are available for me, ammo is cheap as dirt, I know it is realible carbine/rifle which I know.

Maybe it isn't that easy to modifying as the AR platform but if you want to you can do it.

Mongo 08-28-2013 09:58 PM

Because obama, clinton, holder, bloomberg etc want to ban them. If I could go out and buy one whenever I wanted one, I might wait----maybe----Nah--just kidding

phideaux 08-28-2013 10:00 PM

I have other AKs , but this one is my favorite, Zastava made,Serbian ,very nice quality.
The reason I want it is, it will shoot for a week or more, everyday, without cleaning even pulled thru a mud hole.
If SHTF this, and my SKS will be my go to, even over my ARs or Mini 14s.
btw, my SKS is as accurate as my mini 14.

niteglock 08-29-2013 12:02 AM

I want an AK so bad now. I want it, I want it.

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