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ryevick 11-29-2012 02:13 AM

What Is The Difference Between An AK47 & An AK Type? Also Who Has Large Selections?
Can someone please explain what these differences are. I have not become familiar yet with the different types of mechanics used in various types but apparently an AK Type is not an AK47.

Also, I posted this below in the wrong area through the Android app. Couldn't find the AK forum area:

I am an OTR driver that travels all over the lower 48. I want to get an AK47 but I want to be able to look at them first hand in a store or gun show and purchase on site and have them ship to my local FFL. First what are some gun stores that usually have large selections of AKs located anywhere and second what states have the best gun shows? I am trying to find out also if Arsenal in Las Vegas has a showroon but no response so far. Looking for Arsenal, Saiga, Lancaster, etc I am not interested in Century, IO, etc but of course would look at them if they where in front of me. Suggestions?

SSGN_Doc 11-29-2012 02:27 AM

Well a true AK-47 would be a first generation Avtomat Kalashnikova made of stamped steel, that was found to be a bit flimsy in field use, and then replaced by a second generation of AK-47 that used a milled receiver. Then a modernized version of the stamped steel receiver was introduced that had better reenforcement and heat treatment, known as the AKM. These were select fire weapons that were capable of semi-auto and full-auto fire

In the US there are very few true AK-47s or AKM rifles. There are many semi-auto only clones of the AK series of rifles from many of the former comunist block countries and other countries that the Soviets provided aid to during the cold war. Maadi, rifles from Egypt, Mak-90, NHM-90 and Polytech rifles from China, SAR and WASR rifles from Romania, Hungarian AMDs, Bulgarian rifles, Russian Saiga rifles, etc. are built on versions of the AK design.

Because of the vast array of model designations and countries of origin, tehy all kind of get lumped into the catagory of AK type rifles. Lots of folks inaccurately refer to all of them as AK47s.

Folks who have been around gun forums tend to understand that someone new to teh platform will use this term when refering to any one of the sub-types, and it does kind of keep it simple to do so.

SSGN_Doc 11-29-2012 02:36 AM

The Saiga, and Arsenal guns are going to be built to a pretty high quality standard.

Lots of folks like to bash the WASRs because of the early ones that Century brought in and put together. they did not pay atention to detail and many of the guns suffered from canted front sights or gas blocks. I have had two, that were free of these defects, and they shot reliably and more accurately than a lot of folks expect. My advice regarding WASRs is to see it in person, check it for canted sights and gas block. If buying used and if possible, see if it can be test fired, some are actually very good bargains.

The Chinese rifles, if you can find one are built a bit different, with larger trunions, thicker sheet steel, and a heavier barrel. I have also seen these shoot a bit more accurately than some others.

Arsenals are some of the smoothest AK actions I've felt, when cycling. The finish is usually very uniform, and of high quality.

ryevick 11-29-2012 04:24 AM

It makes it confusing with all the different info... I had read there are no AKs anymore they are all AKMs and Atlantic has AK47s listed so you can view all they offer and then the have a separate listing for AK types... I have been thinking about an M10 I saw on Atlantic... they don't say who makes it but I could call and find out... Bud's has reviews of it and most people like it but some say theirs had canted sights and I have heard the mags are almost hard to get in... better than loose I guess... I don't really know anything about what to look for on gas blocks, what they are or if they are on all AKs... I do know I want a grip up front that switches to a bipod and I'll probably have to add that later... I also want a rail for scope (red dot I guess) and flashlight mounting as well as a stamped receiver so I can change out the stock... I have an ATI Scorpion on my shotgun that is AWESOME... not sure which is better though an ATI or a Kicklight stock. I need to find a place that has a huge selection that I can go to and look at them before I buy. I'm going to call Bud's store front in KY and find out what they have and also I go to Vegas a pretty good bit and want to look at a few places there... I guess those are my best options. Arsenal wont answer the phone, return a voice message or email so I have no idea if they have a showroom. I am definitely going to put my hands on the one I get though before I buy... I just need to hurry before they're banned. I suppose I could go to some gun shows but I don't know enough to really make a well informed decision yet.

nfafan 11-29-2012 07:48 AM

**Generically** and **generally speaking** - "AK-47s" are milled recvr guns and "AKMs" are stamped recvr guns.

For our purposes of the hair-splitters - lets assume all discussions are of semi-auto "AK" clones.

From what I have read, Arsenal makes a "SAM-7" ???? that is milled and closely patterned after a Russian milled "AK-47".
Century Arms also has a couple milled recvr "AKs" out there; the "Centurian" and "Polish milled 1960".

The Romy WASR guns - despite the missing mag-well dimples - are probably the closest current stamped "AKM" that resembles the 60's-era Soviet pattern stamped AKMs.

The SAIGAs and their conversions are of the later Russian pattern stamped "AKM", I think maybe their "AK-100" ???.
The Romy M-10s from M&M have cosmetics that also resemble newer pattern AKMs.

I don't pet sweaty things, so to me - they are just "AKMs".

The "Yugo" Zastava PAPs (actually Serbian...) are stamped "AKMs" that were "product improved AKs" by the once non-aligned Yugoslavia (much like VALMETs were "product-improved AKs" by the Finns). The furniture and recvr covers of PAPs are slighly different than all other Soviet-patten AKMs.

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